YAMPAH - patience, amused indulgence with those of other age categories


YARROW - ability to withstand radiating electrical fields (motors/computers/micro-waves/other people) by strengthening the radiation of one's own energy as protection


YELLOW COWSLIP ORCHID - increased sense of arbitration, impartiality, humanitarian view


YELLOW CROMWELL - for those who keep tring to make dysfunctional family more "normal", the fixers


YELLOW DRYAS - allows individuality to unfold/evolve through cycles of change, patience with this process


YELLOW EVERGREEN VIOLET - dealing with those who want others to do it for them even if it costs the others great effort


YELLOW STAR TULIP - trust in change & actual 'doing' that which has been signaled inwardly for some time


YELLOW STONECROP - dealing with legal system, delays, language, tactics


YELLOW YARROW - emotional protection during vulnerable times. Its support softens resistance and assists the integration process


YELLOWBELL - for people who need but do not get enough direct contact with nature


YERBA MATE - increases memory & attention span, eases mental stress


YERBA SANTA - relaxes emotional constriction around love issues


YEW - for resilience where previously the person has been too brittle - not bowing to the inevitable


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