WALLFLOWER - ability to camouflage when desired for safety or convenience, issue of being noticeable or not


WALNUT - freedom from limiting influences, stabilizes emotions during transition periods, break links with the past


WARATAH - increased ability to respond to crisis, to release black despair, increases hopefulness


WATER HAWTHORNE - using one's talents instead of letting them lie fallow; increase independence & ability to respond to life


WATER VIOLET - involvement, service, humility

WATERCRESS-   clear congestion and stagnant energies in your body and mind. Take the edge off of emotional reactions.


Cool down, stay calm and collected


WATERLILY - open to new life phases in a gently way, evolve


WATERMELON - balances issues relating to pregnancy & parenting


WATERMELON TOURMALINE - improves intuitive capacity


WAVYLEAF THISTLE - dealing with insensitive, oblivious people


WEDDING BUSH - commitment in & to relationships, dedication to life purpose


WEIGELA - integrates physical & emotional experiences


WELSH POPPY - for those who have lost their fire and inspiration and become day-dreamers


WESTERN MEADOW RUE - dealing with people who repeat themselves even when you indicate you've heard about it


WHITE BLEEDING HEART - for healing deep emotional pain, loss of love


WHITE BOG ORCHID - for learning that the measure of a person is what they would do if they thought nobody would find out


WHITE CAMAS - for clean freaks, helps them tolerate those who are more casual in their habits


WHITE CHESTNUT - soothes repetitious worries giving clarity & quietness of mind


WHITE FOXGLOVE - letting old memories flow through without causing new pain


WHITE LIGHTING - synchronized movement. Stabilizes the inner timing of all PEMS levels moving in concert, and enhances the body/soul fusion


WHITE LOTUS - promotes patience, courage, perseverance, devotion, humility and faith


WHITE MOUNTAIN AVENS - for dealing directly, calling a spade a spade


WHITE MOUNTAIN HEATHER - balances the enjoyment of being alone


WHITE SPRUCE - unification of thought, intuition & emotion in the present moment


WHITE VIOLET - connecting with highest in ourselves & others, embracing purity of heart


WHITEHORN - helps thinking move in new, innovative direction with optimistic freshness, calms buzzy adrenaline excess


WILD FENNEL - repels negative energies at etheric & physical levels


WILD GINGER - learning to release worldly concerns, reach quiet contentedness as in meditation


WILD GRAPEVINE - clears issues of (autonomy vs. interdependence), (competition vs. cooperation), (alienation vs. entrapment) & dominance vs. subservience)


WILD IRIS - focuses release of creativity, sharing one's energy freely


WILD OAT - clarity of life direction & vocation, eases dissatisfaction with present career or life position, for unfulfilled ambition

WILD PANSY open your heart to receive and radiate the energy of love. Clear the blocks to allow free flow of life


energies. Restore mind-body equilibrium

WILD POTATO BUSH - physical freedom & vitality to move on in life


WILD RHUBARB - clearing channel between heart & mind, mental flexibility with emotional issues


WILD ROSE - renewed, enthusiastic interest in life


WILD SARSAPONILLA - for the middle aged man questioning his sexuality


WILLOW - dealing with the fact that life isn't fair, mental receptivity & resilience, creating positive reality from quality of one's thoughts


WILLOW HERB - deals with those who have an aversion to being touched

WILLOW HERB (Scotland)  harness your fiery, passionate nature through mindfulness and the right use of will and power

WINDFLOWER - grounding, inner security whether alone or with others

WINTERGREEN  mobilize your willpower. Dispel darkness and despair. Stay positive and be patient with optimistic


expectancy. Open the heart to love and support from others 


WISTERIA - balances energies to nervous & circulatory systems


WITCH HAZEL - for those who sacrifice themselves in trying to live up to the expectations of others


WOLFBERRY - releases deep sadness without conscious involvement


WOLLY EVERLASTING - money, money, money


WOOD ANEMONE - for use where there are very old difficulties - genetic or Karmic


WOOD BETONY - issues of celibacy, either by choice or circumstances


WOVEN SPIN PINEAPPLE CACTUS - transforming victim consciousness into a lighter, more courageous attitude, befriending the self


WYETH'S LUPINE - for those troubled by verbal communication issues