VALERIAN - (old) eases insomnia & nervousness, antidote to stress


VALERIAN - (new) for those who have not had their need for love fulfilled in their childhood

VALERIAN (Scotland)  live in the present moment. Lighten up and have more fun. Make time to enjoy the simple joys in


life that bring you true happiness


VANADANITE - provides an automatic transparent shield


VANILLA LEAF - affirmation & acceptance of the self


VERBASCUM - humour & equanimity in face of difficulties


VERONICA - allowing others to meet our needs through altruism instead of obligation


VERVAIN - moderation, openness, relaxation


VIBURNUM - strengthens connection with subconscious & intuitive


VINE - sensitive leadership, respecting others


VIOLET - knowing relationship of individual to the group


VIOLET CURLS - processing emotions as they arise, not creating a backlog causing emotional congestion