TALL YELLOW TOP - eases alienation of isolation, increases sense of belonging, feeling at home wherever you are


TAMARACK - perseverance, determination, self-confidence in knowing one's abilities


TANSY LEAF ASTER - smoking addiction, in parents of young children


TANSY - overcome hesitation or indecisiveness


TANZANITE - increases confidence in artistic expression


TAPERTIP ONION - deals with emotions behind a tendency to show off


TARBUSH - strength, inspiration & motivation to change what has been accepted as a limit or condition of life, release of additive or stubborn programs from the past


TEDDY BEAR CHOLLA CACTUS - perseverance & patience with one's growth process, releases fears of allowing others close enough to see one's imperfections


TEXTILE ONION - dealing with people who appear one way on the outside but are the opposite on the inside

THISTLE find courage to cope in a crisis, and let go of fear. Stand in strength and act with confidence


THREADLEAF PHACELIA - helps one find the last piece of the puzzle, the part that is staring you in the face but you can't see it


THRIFT - for helping to open up the psychic sensitivity but keeping the person firmly grounded at the same time


THRIFT GOLDENWEED - deals with double message conflict about money - need it, want it, but not supposed to


THURBER'S GILIA - dissolves discomfort during limbo stage of old sense of ‘self' diminishing while new 'you' is not fully formed


THYME - speeds up healing time, goes back in time to heal, gives one a balanced sense of time


TIDY TIPS - eases compulsive tidiness


TIFFANY - stabilizes the cranial as they shift their alignment appropriately to accommodate the input and impulses of expansion


TIGER LILY - co-operation & mutual support, turning aggressiveness into healthy assertive action


TIGER'S EYE - good for mediation & spiritual inspiration


TOBACCO - (smokers) helps claim independence more effectively, (non-smokers) helps tolerate bad habits in others, decreases smoke sensitivity


TOMATO - cleansing, assists the body in shattering and throwing off that which is causing infection or disease. For reducing addictions & fears, manifesting victory over life's trials


TOPAZ - helps handle stress, fear & shock


TOADFLAX - brings people out of their mental & emotional shell. For those who stuff down feelings out of fear or embarrassment


TREE PEONY - integrates spiritual energy into everyday life


TRILLIUM - overcoming fear of greed, working for the common good


TRUMPET VINE - balances vitality in self-expression & self-assertion


TUFTED VETCH - sexual difficulties caused by an incorrect sexual self-image - usually due to childhood conditioning


TUNDRA ROSE - allowing love of life to be communicated through the living of it, release fears of living & dying


TUNDRA TWAYBLADE - opens hearing to allow life force complete access to energy areas in need of healing


TURK'S CAP - gives one courage to explore the exotic with openness


TURKEY BUSH - renews artistic confidence, dissolves creative block


TURQUOISE - for a free, relaxed expression of the self


TWINFLOWER - non-judgement, seeing all sides of the picture from position of focused neutrality


TWISTED STALK - for abuse during one's childhood