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I'm a testimonial. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some positive feedback about your services.

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Does it work?

this is Milo

  baby Ash

We are doing amazing and honeslty I have been dying to thank you for the most amazing gift (Stress Relief/Chillax) that got me through my colicy little man... You honestly saved me


Angelica Hiza


We had a customer come in last week who purchased Pet Stress remedy for her dog’s anxiety. She loved it and came back and bought 2 more bottles


Ruffin’s Pet Centre, Hamilton Ontario

When I was on the Scale Down drops, they helped change my eating patterns after many years of struggle. I lost 65lbs in 7 months and have since kept in off after 3 years


Andrea P

I’m down 3 dress sizes in 4 months since I added the Scale Down essences to my regimen


Dorothy Kalakay

I was talking with one of my customers, Tracy, in the store a few months ago and she told me that she had a very anxious dog. He would go nuts when she had a shower because he couldn’t see her behind the curtain. I told her that we had Iris Essences Pet Stress but she was very hesitant to buy it. Honestly, it was a new product for us too and we didn't know if it would work either.

She said she had tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked for her dog. She did end up buying it and she called me two days later and was so happy saying that  she couldn’t believe how calm her dog was now when she showered!! She added that he was a lot calmer when she went to work too! She comes in now and says: I need that stress product in the blue bottle!!


Olga, Tailblazers Abbotsford BC

The Stress Relief and Quit drops have been working great. I haven't had a cigarette in 50 days!


Mallory, Calgary

I don’t think I’ve ever recovered that quickly from a sickness ever. What was immediately noticeable when I used Repair was a rush of happy or relief as soon as I took the drops


Denver Petersen

I have a two year old cat who was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age. I was unaware that the owners would be letting Momma cat and all her kittens out to play and roam in the yard for weeks before our scheduled pick up. As a cat owner in the city, I feel it's best to keep felines indoors. Unfortunately, our new kitten had become very accustom to outdoor life, which has made it almost unbearable to keep him indoors! His frustration and energy level are at a HIGH 10 most of the time, which makes life with Parker very interesting to say the least. Last summer he escaped from the house and was lost for over 6 weeks, but luckily he was recovered thanks to some very kind people and his micro chip! We have also moved homes which has added to his stress level lately. 

I was introduced to Iris Essences about six weeks ago, and decided to give it a try. We have been giving Parker 5 drops, three times a day, every day.

We administer the drops in a wee bit of chicken broth, so it is a treat, rather than a medicine for him. Within a couple of days we noticed a tremendous improvement in his temperament, and we definitely notice when we forget to give Parker his drops! He is now a calmer, more even tempered cat. I would highly recommend Pet Stress Drops for your stressed, nervous or anxious pet!


Brenda B

a pet resort in southern Alberta

My big parrot Peaches wore a cone on his head for 12 years because he picked at his feathers so badly.  This is a very frustrating problem and can be devastating to the bird (and parrots can live to 120 years old!) My feeling was the cone was very stressful to him too but it was a last resort to protect him. After 6 months of giving him Pet Stress remedy he didn't need to wear the cone anymore; he had stopped picking at himself!! I thought you would find it interesting that my bird has a vocabulary and used to ask for his ‘drops’ too!


JoAnn Williamson

Milo has had trouble walking on certain surfaces like tiles, hardwood or linoleum. He has no hesitation, however, running across a skating rink or down a steep cliff.
He also doesn't like the 9 steps that go down into our backyard, yet he'll run up and down 9 flights of stairs at the park without thinking twice. He is very eccentric!

He's now been on Pet Stress for almost 2 months I believe and ever since we've been giving him drops he has improved SO much. He'll now walk through the entire kitchen from one end to the other, which he never did in the past. He's doing so great and the only thing we changed was adding the drops to his daily routine, nothing else has changed. So I know the drops are working, and working very well! I'm so glad we can help Milo with his 'issues' so he can be more comfortable in his own home


Catherine Hesketh


About 2 years ago, I was visiting Calgary from Pennsylvania.  I caught a cold so my sister-in-law took me to a health food store.  I just happened to see your cold and flu formula sitting on the counter and bought it.  I’m not one to try new things, but 2 days later I was flying to Churchill, Manitoba to see the polar bears and I needed to be in top shape.  That night I took 10 drops before bed, and again 10 drops in the morning.  I couldn't believe how good I felt.  I took it two more times, and then flew off to Churchill.  The trip was spectacular and I felt great.   No matter where I travel in the world, I take it with me


Patrice McKeone

I have been using Iris' essences for myself and my dog Oliver for a while now. They make me feel much more balanced,calm and happy. The sleep drops changed my life! I am constantly recommending them to my patients ( I am a nurse). They work on a level that is often forgotten (yet so important for healing) in today's medicine. When we first got our rescue dog he had mild separation anxiety and nervousness. Iris Pet Stress drops have turned Oliver into a much happier dog! He loves them.


Tammy Glenn


I am a tournament fisherman. I was going fun fishing and took Luck drops. The fishing was on fire!! Usually they call the lake I was  fishing at ‘the dead sea’ especially when ice fishing in the winter. Well,  i caught 4 giant walleye, three pike and one white fish. I pulled the hook away from a bunch of pike, too. When the drops were taken the second time, i got the big fish of the day:  a 30 inch 10 lb walleye. The other fisherman on the ice caught nothing. Best ice fishing day ever!


(Picture above but doesnt want his name used!)

this is Oliver

lucky fisher-guy

Working with highly competitive athletes both on the olympic and professional level, I believe Iris plays a key role in not only minimizing their stress levels, but also "tuning in" to their mental/emotional picture.  She is a huge part of our integrative medical team and I can attest that she has helped many of my patients.  With her extensive background working with the Australian National Team, I believe her approach to health, including her knowledge of essences, brings an aspect to healthcare often overlooked


Dr. Jason Ahlan

 Dr Jay - on summit

of Aconcagua

My chinchilla stopped pulling the fur out of his side after giving him Pet Stress remedy. My male chinchilla's cage sits next to the cage of my female. He has completely settled down and stopped pulling his fur out. I tried bitter apple but it didn't do anything. I used Pet Stress remedy for only two weeks - it's awesome


Cassandra, Petland Calgary Alberta

this is Dr. Orloff

an artistic  pose of Parker

Spread the word and thanks for the essences!


Dr Judith Orloff Psychiatrist Los Angeles California

I have worked with Iris for over five years.  I have found that her intuitive abilities with my patients are spot on.  She has been a welcome addition to our team approach to medicine.  Her flower essences have been exceptionally helpful with treating a wide range of health issues.   The athletes that we work with have enjoyed amazing results in injury recovery and improvement in performance.  My family and I use her flower essences.

Dr. Trevor Hoffman, Canada     

I regularly get cold sores.  This time when I felt my cold sore coming on I decided I would not treat it medically.  Instead I used a combination of holistic products one of which was Iris Essences Skin drops and anxiety drops. I have always known that my cold sores are brought on by stress. While I experienced one of the ugliest cold sores ever I am very happy and proud to say that I was able to heal the cold sore using Iris Essences without any harmful medication going into my mouth.   A happy customer.

Audrey Cranston Kelowna BC     

I've never used such an effective remedy for sleeping! Thank you!


Buyer at Amaranth Foods

I have been seeing Iris for many years. I feel she is my mentor, my guide and my friend. With great compassion, humour, straightforwardness and patience, Iris has helped me heal and grow on many levels including physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She has guided me through the darkest days and helped me see the gifts of faith and hope. I always feel heard, seen and understood when I am with her which is one of the greatest gifts that one being can give to another. I feel deeply blessed and grateful to have Iris in my life


Mary Ann Hutchings, Canada

My wife has trouble with everything in life. She took the 'Sleep' essences and said that they are absolutely fantastic



I had to take my two cats to the vet and I asked the guy at Pawsitively Natural if there was anything I could give them because they hate the car and the vet!! He told me to try Pet Stress remedy. I did and I couldn't believe how calm they were. My vet told me, if it works, use it!


Susan Farner

I have been using the Scale Down essences (formerly called Skinny) and you know how it says it changes your perceptions of food? Well it does, they work! And they taste great too! Im going to keep using them!


Amanda, Manager at Rejuve Spa

My dog gets so stressed out coming to the grooming shop where I work that he always has massive diarrhea. I gave him the Pet Stress drops before we came this time and he didn"t have it – the first time ever!!


Nadia at Muttley Crew

I've had great experience with the Stress Relief. I haven't had to use my inhaler since taking it. Also, my dog was going crazy chasing the cat and I gave him a dose of Pet Stress. He came and sat at our feet and was good for quite awhile then he started chasing the cat again. I repeated the dose and he stopped again!


Brooklyn Devine Mine

Re: Skin blend


I have had issues with allergies and dry skin my whole life and while allergy pills and creams helped, they never solved the problem. Essences were not my first choice as a solution and I am truly surprised how much they have worked. I've been taking the essences all spring and this is the first year I’ve been symptom free


Jonathan Hesketh, Canada

Amazing how fast the Chillax (formerly Anti-Anxiety) worked! I feel calmer already!


Rick Courrone

Oil & Gas Company owner

Our latest success is with a lady who got a rescue dog. She said that he was suffering severe separation anxiety when she left the house. Pet Stress remedy helps keep her dog in a relaxed state when she's not home


Marybeth owner Tailblazers

My Doberman Pinschers were extremely anxious whenever I had to take them in the car. I now give them Pet Stress before going on trips and they are a lot calmer than they have EVER been. I’ve tried another flower essence product but it wasn’t as effective as Pet Stress


Devon, Tailblazers Inglewood Calgary

The Pet Stress is working great for my dog


Misty, Merchandising manager Petland

I am a notoriously bad traveler. I am that girl who is desperately searching for the little wax paper bag and clutching at it at every bump and change in elevation. I fear the feeling of being sick. It is not just airplanes, it is trains (C-trains included), in the back seat of the car, boats...anything that moves!! the anxiety of travel begins at the moment we purchase the tickets...I have to pack (months in advance) and make a "to-the-minute" itinerary.Not this trip!! After taking the travel essences I packed the day before leaving, felt no anxiety about the flight and was calm and collected. Even my house sitter mentioned how uncommonly calm I was before leaving for the airport. I was skeptical at first, but now I am a firm believer and will be using the drops whenever I travel!


Robin Danyluk, Pennsylvania


Iris: Messenger of the Gods

In Greek mythology, Iris runs along rainbows to do errands between Mount Olympus and earth. Just as after a storm a rainbow is a symbol of truce and peace, Iris often carries messages of good will and reconciliation.

Iris' work with essences is both subtle and profound. Her extraordinary gift , the ability to see patterns of vibrational energy, enables her to skillfully compound healing essences derived from gems, minerals , and herbaceous plants and flowers. These compounded essences work at a subtle and very profound level to balance the  psyche, clear emotional blockages, help an individual to "see" new opportunities or directional paths  and motivate both behavioral and structural changes in one's life path. Sometimes the essences teach new lessons and lead to new personal discoveries, sometimes they provide a subtle , or not so subtle, introduction to ignored realities and sometimes they provide an old fashioned "kick in the pants wake- up call ". Chosen by Iris for the very specific needs of each of her clients, the essences deliver messages that are discovered only through direct experience. These deeply felt experiences are always messages of good will and  reconciliation, and work towards balancing energetic influences that are out of alignment with a soul's deepest wishes and beliefs and stimulate  positive  growth and change. There may be a storm leading up to the moment of  that reconciliation but it is always a profound personal moment when a message emerges- like a rainbow - at one and the same time a surprise and  a deep confirmation


Rob Graham, Canada

After I took the 'Hers' essences essences, my period was not heavy, which was unexpected for me, and I didn't experience the debilitating cramping that I normally get every month. I was so happy, to say the least


One month later:


I used my first bottle of 'Hers' and started using another one. My period during the second month had no pain whatsoever. I can't understand how this works, but I am so happy!


Agata Rogaz , Canada

Well I must say trying out these 'Creativity' essences has been quite an interesting experience. Indeed, I've been tapping into a bit moreof the creative side to make more risks at the theatre AND attempting to write. As for the 'Confidence', it has helped me connect better and keep me from second guessing and being shy, and it's really neet to have girls just suddenly smile at me for no reason...


Jeremy Schtelzer

I have to say, I feel generally very happy of late. And I mean, happy with a very large scope. Kinda like being OK with myself, family, work, and the whole world. I would say it's the same feeling you get when you first step out on a two week holiday. A feeling of fun and peacefulness at the same time. Wonderful! Also, I have not had a cold or flu since I started taking essences. My immune system appears to be fortified. I didn't specifically request this, so perhaps it's a bonus side effect. Lastly, I'm having a better time remembering my dreams, and they appear to be immediately relevant. This is where I get most of my other wordly info. Some things I misinterpret, but it's getting better   also......


Karli has told us that whatever she received last time has really made her feel good, and she wants some more of that.   Coming from a teenager with lots of emotional baggage, that's really something.  I would also say that she has become less volatile, and more open to conversation over these last few weeks.  Its working! 


Renaud Bonneville

I am thrilled with the pet stress drops. I have been giving them to my two small dogs for about a year and the drops have changed their lives -- and mine! I would not want to be without them. One of my dogs had a lot of nervous energy; he was high-energy, high-strung, and grumpy much of the time. He growled whenever he was tired or whenever the other dog came near, and sometimes he would hiss and snarl at my other dog. He also seemed to have a hard time controlling his bladder. He was stressful to live with and I was getting worn down. I tried everything -- talking to my vet, taking several training classes, giving him various natural remedies, but nothing helped. Then I discovered Iris Essences pet stress drops at Tailblazers. Soon after I started giving my little guy the pet stress drops his personality changed -- he became much calmer and more easy-going. He is now mellow, confident, and very cuddly. And he can control his bladder just fine. If I run out of the drops I soon notice his personality reverting back. So now I try never to run out! I also give the drops to my second dog, to help him cope with his companion. They get along much better now and they really enjoy playing together. Our whole household is calmer thanks to the pet stress drops


Cristine Bye


The essences are unbelievably effective!  i have never experienced a quicker or more powerful resolution to my issues.  Within 45 minutes of taking my first 10 drops, i could feel my heart expanding and literally encompassing my whole chest.  i have since finished my drops and have felt extreme peace and happiness in all that i do when in the past i would be very depressed and disappointed.  It is as if my perspective has changed and everything looks and feels brighter.  It is difficult to explain in words for the most part but nothing else in my life has changed except for the addition of taking the essences 2 times per day for about 3 weeks.  it is truly incredible and wonderful!  thank you so very much!  Who needs psychiatrists when we have essences!

lots of love and gratitude,


Gabriella Carrelli 

The day my two boys started taking the 'Kids' blend, they didn't need to be told to do things twice like brush their teeth, etc. and they were more polite!

Now, my son runs to his bottle in the morning and wants to take the essences right away! He didn't know what to call them and we didn't know what to tell him they were so we call them his 'vitamins'. 


Mena O

I do know that I will recommend your flower essences to every one of my clients. In all my years of using natural health products, I am most impressed with your product. My instructor held the Repair essence in her hand while hooked up to a bio-medical monitor and the graph lines for the organs leveled out to the normal range. It was very impressive


Jean L. Northern Alberta


I was taking sleeping pills when I was introduced to the 'Sleep' Iris Essence. I was having difficulty shutting off my brain and getting to sleep. I didn't like the side effects of the sleeping pills, so I was more than willing to give 'Sleep' a try. It was unbelieveable how quickly 'Sleep' worked for me. One minute I was thinking how can a few drops help me sleep and before I knew it morning had arrived. Also, I didn't know what to expect when I started taking the Scale Down drops. Within the first day and the days following, I had an interesting and profound experience. (At first, I thought it was coincidental.) I had no urges to snack in the evenings. No desires to emotional or boredom eat. It was amazing. I wondered how it could possibly work but it does. I feel like I am controlling the food not the other way around.


Joyce Skopik

I started the dogs on the "magical juice" on Thursday and it's amazing how quickly I have seen a change in them. Pinga used to whine incessantly either for scratches or for being left tied up while we putzed around outside. Now she is as quiet as a whistle. It's beautiful and incredible. We thought she would never change. Duke has shown night and day changes as well. He is so much more affectionate and his physical ailments seem to be better under control or just gone. He had an ear infection and poof, that's gone now without even applying any medical ointments. He also has a weepy eye and that has diminished significantly since he's been on the essences.Thanks a million and a heartfelt thank you from the dogs too!


Gabriella Carrelli (again)

I am a university student and I am having trouble getting motivated to write my thesis, and the deadlines the university sets only seem to paralyze me further. I have one year to complete and defend my thesis. I really want to do the thesis, and I would like to write it quickly and easily. I have done the research for my project, I just need to start writing, but I can't seem to. .. I am very nervous scared about it. I also feel defensive about taking longer to do my thesis than the university thinks I should.

Two weeks later:

you sent me motivation and study drops. I found they really made a difference. I would like to order some confidence drops and some energy/focus drops to help me with the process of confidently presenting my ideas in my dissertation, keeping my energy up for the task, and focusing on important stuff


She requested her name be withheld 

During a recent period of sorrow in my life (my dog's death), Iris Essences Grieving Drops helped take the edge off my raw nerves. It helped my mind, my heart and my body relax and made facing my loss just a bit easier


Nora Forrest

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