SACRED DATURA - encourages one to let go of the known and familiar without feeling threatened


SAGE - stimulates laughter, balances psycho/spiritual dynamics


SAGEBRUSH - being true to one's essential self, releasing false self-images, letting go of what is non-essential or excess


SAGUARO - clarity in relation to father or men in authority


SALAL - power to forgive ourselves & others


SALMONBERRY - spinal alignment & structural balance


SALVIA - restores emotional stability during time of extreme stress


SAND DOLLAR - coming to one's senses, disrupting the mirage


SAPPHIRE - balances mental stagnation & introversion


SCARLET GUARA - for handling self-reliance that apparently threatens others and thereby threatens one's own position


SCARLET MONEY FLOWER - courage to work with powerful emotions, integrate rather than eliminate the shadow side of self


SCARLET PIMPERNEL - reawakening & reaffirming love


SCLERANTHUS - increases decisiveness & stability


SCORPION WEED - for those who need to do something apparently out of character once in awhile but are reluctant to do it


SCOTCH BROOM - motivation, perseverance, accept difficulties as opportunities, overcome pessimism & despair

SCOTS PINE trust the source of wisdom within you. Overcome the insecurity of uncertainty by tuning in and listening.


Be guided by your inner voice

SCOTTISH PRIMROSE  find inner peace and restore natural rhythms. Overcome conflict, fear and anxiety by opening the


heart to the source of unconditional, universal love 

SEA HOLLY be spontaneous, social and outgoing. Overcome the limitations that inhibit your expression. Let your light shine


SEA PINK   balance your inner dualities. Stay well grounded and maintain your sense of equilibrium

SEA ROCKET   use your resources wisely. Release insecurity and your need to control and hold on. Connect to your


source and trust in your powers to adapt and thrive.

SEDONA VORTEXES - enhances clarity & understanding in contact with spiritual aspet of self


SEGO LILY - deals with school issues, not fitting the mould, right brained children in left-brained system


SELENITE - conscious dreaming


SELF HEAL - self-acceptance, trusting inner health creating forces


SHARK'S TOOTH - assists with finalizing a stage of growth


SHASTA DAISY - releases need for scattered seeking, integration of ideas into a unified understanding


SHE OAK - hormonal imbalance in females, especially pre-menstrual tension


SHEPARDS PURSE - related to the soul qualities of fertility - fear of puberty, fear of a missed period, fear of miscarriage


SHINING FLOWER - discerning those who have an inner glow and those who don't, dealing with this fact


SHOOTING STAR - overcome alienation when feeling you don't fit in, understanding cosmic origins and earthly purpose


SHOWY MILKWEED - establishing a working relationship with the spiritual aspect of the self


SIBERIAN ASTER - for those who have been overly-programmed to be polite, neglecting the rights of the self


SIBERIAN SPRUCE - this remedy is for those whose 'male' energy is lacking, producing frustration and a lack of clarity


SIERRA IRIS - creative inspiration, overcome frustration


SILKY CRAZYWEED - for more productive mediation skills, not wanting to rescue


SILVER - eases tension & stress


SILVER PRINCESS - recognizes life purpose and direction, motivation


SILVERWEED - brings a sense of awareness & communication; also for congested or impacted energy on spiritual level - will help break this up

SILVERWEED (Scotland)  simplify your life and unclutter. Focus on what is most important. Increase awareness and self-consciousness


SINGLE DELIGHT - balances isolation, deal with singularity of being


SINGLE SNOWDROP - for those experiencing difficulty in breaking through to new levels of awareness and consciousness


SITKA BURNET - healing the past through completion


SKULLCAP - promotes the co-operative union of opposites


SLENDER RICE FLOWER - perception of beauty in others, co-operation & harmony in multi-cultural world


SMALL BOG CRANBERRY - issues about material success within a time frame, feeling pressured or feeling its too late


SMALL LEAF PUSSYTOES - looking at angles & finding the simplest, quickest solutions to problems, motivation


SMOKY QUARTZ - dissolves blocks & grounds physical energies


SNAKE ROOT - for those wanting to remember events & places of long ago. Also for those who are inclined to argue and quarrel


SNAP PEA - rebalances child or adult after a nightmare. Assist in ability to translate daily experience into positive, understandable process


SNAPDRAGON - saying what needs to be said but knowing when to keep quiet, timing


SNOW QUEEN IRIS - maintain true self in midst of daily concerns


SNOWBERRY - accepting life as it is at the moment


SNOWDROP - letting go, having fun, lightening up

SNOWDROP (Scotland)  surrender, release and let go. Move forward with renewed hope and optimism. Find peace and


serenity through acceptance


SOAP PLANT - recognizing we have an individual potential that is not entirely based on conditions of our environment


SOAPBERRY - integrating intense experiences with power of nature, releasing fear of natural phenomenon


SOAPWART - for use where there is bewilderment and lack of vision. For the "what the hell am I doing here?" type of feeling


SODALITE - increases altruism & purges mental blocks


SOLOMON'S SEAL - for the busy mind. This remedy helps bring quietness and detachment


SOLSTICE STORM - blended energies of light, wind, rain & electricity as powerfully charged cleansing essence


SOLSTICE SUN - opening up to & integrating peak experiences, create & maintain channel for free flow of light & power


SONIA - stabilizes and supports the CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) pulse after it has completed its shift to accommodate the expansion


SONOMA SAGE - balances energies of brain patterns during sleep


SOUTHERN CROSS - personal power to take responsibility for situations & be able to change them


SOW THISTLE - develops compassion & gentleness, revive a person after controversy with another. Improved mediation skills & helps chronic arguers


SPANISH BAYONET - dealing with 'dog eat dog' aspects of business


SPHAGNUM MOSS - learning to see with unconditional love, releasing judgement from the heart


SPICE BUSH - re-establish respect for body's ability to meet its own needs, listen & attend to body's need rather than impose will


SPIDERWORT - eases skepticism & cynical outlook, experience truer identity


SPIKENARD - helps ability to follow inner promptings of the heart


SPINACH - releases over-analytical thinking for the clarity of a more trusting, simple outlook


SPINIFEX - empowers one, through emotional understanding, towards improvement   (works typically on cuts & lesions)


SPIRAEA - activates sense of humour as survival mechanism, allows one to nurture & be nurtured, increases growth & expansion

SPOTTED ORCHID   be positive. Surrender your limited viewpoint and keep the greater plan in mind


SPREADING BEDSTRAW - meeting own creature comforts in any setting, releasing anxiety when routines altered by circumstances


SPREADING DUDLEYA - awareness of self as a spiritual entity


SPRING SQUILL - for major change points in a person's life when they are prepared to open up to new views of reality


SPRUCE - energy protection against uninvited intruders


SQUASH - (males) increasing sensitivity toward female viewpoint, (females) accept own abilities & feel comfortable being female


ST. JOHN 'S WORT - release conscious & subconscious fears, eases bad dream, especially from/during childhood


STAGHORN CHOLLA CACTUS - reconstruction after disintegration & change, realizing process of self-organizing principle of life


STAR FLOWERED SOLOMON'S SEAL - for dealing with religion and religious beliefs and/or differences


STAR JASMINE - comfort with individuality, clears energy to mucous membranes in the body


STAR LILY - generally smoothes sexual issues


STAR OF BETHLEHEM - eases trauma, shock & grief


STAR PRIMROSE - releasing confusion about spirituality/sexuality, directing energy into occult, mystical or mental rather than acknowledge source of anger, frustration or resentment


STAR SAPPHIRE - encourages higher inspiration


STAR THISTLE - sharing, generosity, overcoming the fear of lack


STAR TULIP - inner listening, inner sensitivity


STARFISH - giving up the old willingly, grieving the past


STARVATION CACTUS - dealing with a warped sense of body size


STICKY MONKEY FLOWER - awareness & understanding of sexual issues, overcoming fears of intimacy


STICKY ALUMROOT - encourages us to see ourselves as others see us


STICKY GERANIUM - going beyond previous stages of growth, freeing aspects of one's potential, getting unstuck


STICKY PURPLE GERANIUM - helps people who do not enjoy, but must attend, group social functions, dealing with polite small talk and what lies beneath its surface


STINGING NETTLE - clears issues related to broken homes


STONECROP - for those suffering long standing chronic illness or fatigue syndrome

STONECROP (Scotland)   embrace and welcome change and transformation. Transmute restlessness and frustration to


find peace and stillness within


STONEHENGE - integration of Earth/Mother Nature energy, for new beginnings


STRAWBERRY - increases ability to live to one's highest ideals, for strength of character & magnestism


STURT DESERT PEA - one of the most powerful essences to release deep hurt, motivates and re-energises


STURT DESERT ROSE - for following own conviction & morality, letting go of shame of past action (s)


SUGARBEET - balances sugar cravings & related issues


SUGILITE - helps create a state of total detachment. Dissolves ego barriers and promotes inner

peace/silence/wisdom/surrender/bliss. Opens one up to the deepest levels of being. May be somewhat intense and disorienting for those who are not experienced meditators


SULPHUR FLOWER - handling shock of unexpected outcomes, either more positive or more negative than we were anticipating


SUMACH - for those who ignore their own potentials due to fear of loss of their old identities


SUMMER SQUASH - restores courage to the person who experiences fear and when faced with daily routine. Shyness. Phobia


SUNDEW - for people under 28 who are vague or indecisive, grounding, focusing, operating in the present  (see Red Lily for over 28)


SUNFLOWER - balances ego response/ambition, dealing with other egos


SUNSHINE WATTLE - optimism for future regardless of the past


SUNSTONE - inner strength, inner light


SURFGRASS - courage/strength/power, rooted in stability yet flexible


SWAMP LAUREL - dealing with people who have status issues


SWEET ALYSSUM - dissolves favourite illusions giving one a more realistic view


SWEET BELL PEPPER - Inner peace, clarity and calm when faced with stressful times

Stabilizes body/soul balance during times of stress


SWEET CHESTNUT - faith, even in dark times


SWEET CICELY - increases sensitivity of five outer senses


SWEET COLTSFOOT - for those who have a deep fear of their own power - fear they may have destructive behaviour towards others


SWEET FLOWERED ANDROSACE - dealing with people who are forgiven much because they have one redeeming quality


SWEET PEA - release fear of social commitment or social conflict


SWEET VETCH - cooking issues, necessity/enjoyment even for self


SWEETGALE - deep integration & release of emotional pain & tension, healing core of emotional interactions with others


SWEETGRASS - cleansing & restoration of the etheric body

SYCAMORE  relax, recharge and revive. When persistent stress leads to exhaustion and burnout, be gentle with


yourself. Let the smooth flowing of energies lift and lighten body and soul