RABBITBRUSH - alertness, sharp awareness, overview of all details


RABBITFOOT CRAZYWEED - for organization, helps focus those going in all directions at once


RAGGED ROBIN (Canadian)  enhances ability with music and rhythm

RAGGED ROBIN (Scotland)  purify your body and mind. Detox from whatever stops your energies from flowing freely.


Make choices that uphold good health and wellbeing 


RAGWEED - strengthens energy to withstand airborne allergens


RAGWORT - developing friendships, overcome social insecurities


RAINBOW - harmony of energy field through colours of the rainbow   (blend)


RAINBOW CACTUS - releases petrified emotion without becoming entangled in it, emerging bright, free & whole


RAINBOW GLACIER - grounding, eases resistance to connecting fully with the physical plane   (blend)


RASPBERRY - for kind-hearted forgiveness


RAYLESS DAISY - robbed of childhood innocence, for sexual abuse victims


RED BUD - eases sore nasal passages  (especially if just quit smoking)


RED CHESTNUT - send calm healing thoughts to others but remain detached from their troubles


RED CLOVER - calm & centered in emotionally charged group situations


RED FLOWERING CURRANT - dispels mental fatigue, helps build self confidence & satisfaction with one's accomplishments. Helps relax the mind, stimulates positive thinking, helps with transition between work & play


RED GARNET - brings yin/yang energies into balance


RED GREVILLEA - helps when you know the goal but not the route, strength to leave unpleasant situations, boldness


RED HELMET - helps one deal with authority, encourages one to feel rebellious in a more constructive way


RED HOLLYHOCK - buoyant energy & humour, releases tension of the day


RED LILY - for people over 28 who are vague or indecisive; grounding, focusing, operating in the present (see SUNDEW for under 28)


RED WOOD - eases energy related to skin & blood imbalances, encourages elimination of aluminium

REINDEER LICHEN  breathe, calm down and relax. Open to free circulation and energy flow to and from the heart


RHODOCHROSITE - harmony of physical & emotional energy


RHODODENDRON - releases the feeling of being overwhelmed by responsibilities, not pushing self so hard


RIVER BEAUTY - regeneration, starting over after devastating experience, seeing adversity as potential for cleansing & growth  (blend)


ROCK ROSE - eases terror, panic & hysteria


ROCK WATER - encourages spontaneity / flexibility   (blend)


RODE ORCHID - for maintaining your own focus & direction without being sidetracked by others to your own detriment


ROSE ALBA                          connect with your creative powers. Trust and follow your intuition. Speak and act from your inner authority

ROSE CAMPION - cleanses the aura by releasing residue of past hurts


ROSE QUARTZ - clears old wounds & insecurities

ROSE WATER LILY  reconnect with your spiritual roots and creative source. Rise above the emotional pressures and


demands of daily life and find contentment in the present


ROSEMARY - inner peace, creativity in writers, assists in negotiating


ROUND-LEAVED SUNDEW - merging with the source of life, relinquishing identification with the ego self

ROWAN   make peace with yourself and others. Take responsibility to heal the past. Surrender, forgive


and move on


ROYAL HIGHNESS - final stabilization. The mop-up essence which helps to insulate, protect and stabilize the individual and to stabilize the shift during its final stages while vulnerable


RUBELLITE - balanced understanding of the power & use of the will


RUBY - enhances empathy & compassion


RUE - overall enhancer & spiritual tonic


RUTILATED QUARTZ - activates wisdom & stimulates intuition