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Why You Yo-Yo on Weight Loss


American Louise Hay and Canadian Lise Bourbeau are both intuitive lecturers and authors who have written extensively on the topics of the mental/physical connection. Below is an interview with Lise Bourbeau on the 6 reasons why we eat and overeat.

If we are in harmony with our self, and listening to our real needs, which means loving our self, we will only eat when we are hungry and we give our body what it needs. If I look after my physical body, I’m looking after my mental and emotional bodies as well.

Below are 6 reasons that Lise gives for eating reasons that are beyond hunger

  1. Eating out of principal ‘I must eat 3 meals a day’ ‘I must not skip breakfast’ ‘i must not eat this’ ‘I must not eat that’

  2. Eating the same time everyday i.e. eating cookies at 9 pm every night. The habit is running your life

  3. Gourmandize The english translation of this word is indulging in good eating, or being a connoisseur of good eating or eating with your 5 senses. i.e. waiter suggests something yummy, or you see someone’s food and you want it. You are influenced by other people, your 5 senses are running your life.

  4. Reward A glass of wine, a little snack. When you eat out of reward, you are too demanding on yourself. You are not rewarding yourself in other ways so you reward yourself with food.

  5. Laziness You will eat the first thing that comes to you. You are too lazy to cook. You eat the first thing you see in the fridge or cupboard. Or eating at the counter. Too lazy to care for yourself. You don’t take time for yourself.

  6. Emotion You’ve eaten dinner and you are looking for something to eat an hour later. It’s not habit and it’s not that you are hungry

Take the time to write down what you’ve eaten and drank during the day, it doesn’t take too long. Then ask was I really hungry at that time when i ate that? If not, then you know you are doing that in other areas of your life.

Ask yourself each time you ate: was that a habit, or a reward or a principle or emotion? If it wasn’t eating from hunger but one of those reasons, then your body is telling you there is something ‘eating you inside’ a frustration /an emotion / a fear that you don’t want to take the time to feel, to address it. Instead of looking what’s going on inside, you get up and eat instead.

What to do to break the cycle?

Accept yourself. For instance you can say, right now i want to reward myself or I’m really into habits. Go with it. Say yes to it. Nothing will change until you have accepted it. Transformation happens when you accept. When you think something is good, bad or wrong, or you that are bad or wrong, you are not accepting yourself. You are not loving yourself. That is always the ego deciding and you are not in your heart. Acceptance yourself as a human with limits, stresses, difficulties, fears and say that’s the way I am today. Its not my preference, my preference is to one day say, am i really hungry? And if you’re not really hungry and you decide to eat anyway because of that consciousness, the person realizes I’m eating because I’m really mad at my husband, or I feel lonely. As you know you are doing it, and you accept yourself, you know one day you will do it, but today I won’t. This is the real acceptance. This is a spiritual way of seeing things. It is hard for people to understand this because our mental mind can not understand that if you accept, you will do it less and less. This is the ego talking when the mind thinks like this. Acceptance is the only way to start transformation. For instance, if someone has a nervous tick and it bothers you and you don’t like it but you try accepting it, you will notice it will stop bothering you less. And you will notice that they are not so nervous around you anymore. Go through it yourself to understand it and see the reality of it.

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