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Well,I guess the Calico’s in control?


‘I have a two year old cat who was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age. I was unaware that the owners would be letting Momma cat and all her kittens out to play and roam in the yard for weeks before our scheduled pick up. As a cat owner in the city, I feel it’s best to keep felines indoors. Unfortunately, our new kitten had become very accustom to outdoor life, which has made it almost unbearable to keep him indoors! His frustration and energy level are at a HIGH 10 most of the time, which makes life with Parker very interesting to say the least. Last summer he escaped from the house and was lost for over 6 weeks, but luckily he was recovered thanks to some very kind people and his micro chip! We have also moved homes which has added to his stress level lately.

I was introduced to Iris Essences Pet Stress remedy about six weeks ago, and decided to give it a try. We have been giving Parker 5 drops, three times a day, every day. We administer the drops in a wee bit of chicken broth, so it is a treat, rather than a medicine for him. Within a couple of days we noticed a tremendous improvement in his temperament, and we definitely notice when we forget to give Parker his drops! He is now a calmer, more even tempered cat. I would highly recommend Pet Stress Drops for your stressed, nervous or anxious pet!’

Sent in from Brenda B, Springbank

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