• by Iris Essences

The One Thing Worth Giving


Who hasn’t felt that there is an over materialization of Christmas and a lack of meaning that is inherent in buying ‘stuff’?

Combine our materialistic culture with the fact that we live in a short headline digital world (tell me things but do it fast and succinctly) leaves me feeling like there are no deep flavours to savour in our fast food communication soup that we consume everyday through social media.

For the last few years, I was hungry for more substance and personal communication in gift giving.

So, in an attempt to fulfill this, I began a tradition of handwriting Christmas letters to my kids.

I get to tell them all the things I probably wouldn’t detail in conversations with them.

I get to tell them all the things that I love and admire about them and encouragements that I give straight from my heart.

Christmas is a perfect time of year to write down and remind them why I love them so much.

I have kept all handwritten notes given to me by my children and loved ones. I couldn’t tell you what presents I received on any given occasion, but I have kept and re-read every note – even the tiny little ones from years ago. Because they are written pieces of love and they give me joy every time I read them, I will keep them forever.

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