• by Iris Essences

Do What You Love??! Bah!

A recent article decried the often said  “do what you love” (in work) as a goal for the rich elitists who can afford to engage in self betterment. Really? We often don’t realize all the choices we have available to us. When our current work is unenjoyable (and not up for changing immediately) then you can : find something to make it more enjoyable now AND work on changing it. If you aren’t engaging in something you love then how are you living life? It doesn’t have to be paid work – if you are an artist it can be creating in your time away from work. Volunteering to help others often leaves us with the most lasting fulfillment.  The culture of busyiness often leaves us feeling like we don’t have time, but you always do. Prioritize and purge what isn’t necessary and get doing something you love that feeds you.

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