• by Iris Essences

Calm assertive energy is the energy of leaders – with either people or with your pets!

You can plead, explain and rationalize with your pets all you want – but your animals are only getting messages from your own energy. Dogs don’t talk to each other, but they know the energy of the other pack members by the energy those dogs project.

Dogs are naturally submissive BUT if you aren’t the calm stable leader they are looking for, they will fill the gap for you. This is how behaviour problems can start.

In addition, when choosing a dog breed in the beginning, its also important to check to see how that dogs energy will mesh with your own energy. Are you getting off on the wrong track when you pick a dog who is highly energetic and needs a lot of physical exercise and you don’t wish for those kind of activities? When energy levels aren’t compatible, frustrations can create unfortunate outcomes, so take into account how your energy will affect your breed choice.

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