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Best tips to get yourself happy


Is pushing too hard draining your energy? And if you are, are you noticing you’re not getting what you want anyway?

Here’s some tips from Dr. Judith Orloff, Intuitive psychiatrist

1) Heed your Gut Do you need to make a decision and don’t know which decision to make? Breathe deeply for 3 minutes focusing on a time that makes you feel happy and relaxed Ask yourself your question Be aware of your body without over thinking Notice any gut feelings, insights or physical sensations If you’re gut feelings fine, thats a green light to go ahead. If not, be cautious!

2) Hit the reset button When you need to recharge pick one of the following techniques to clear your energy Do every task more mindfully, savour the experience. If you have at least 30 minutes, get out in nature and notice all that is around you. If you have an hour, do something purely for you: read, yoga, or nothing. Do something just for you.

3) Let yourself be wrong If you let go of the need to be right, you’ll save yourself frustration and energy. Ironically, asking yourself if theres another way of looking at things in an argument will bring people around to your way of thinking.

4) Set smaller goals Tackle a smaller piece of a project instead of the whole thing. Then congratulate yourself on what you did accomplish. Must you absolutely do that chore right now or can you savour in a pleasurable moment? Its a gift to surrender to the joy in life! Remember and remind yourself all that IS working in your life, relax your body and let go.

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