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Acceptance of the Unacceptable


What to do if you are in a state of anxiety or fear all the time? Not to allow the fear to rise up into your mind and control your thought processes.

That would be a normal thing when you are identified with fear – the emotion that is there rises into your mind and causes you to think thoughts that correspond to the emotion: fearful thoughts in this case. And you would get a vicious circle building up between the emotional fear and the thoughts you think  – which are fearful thoughts -which give more energy to the emotion. So the more fearful thoughts you think the more it perpetuates the fear that you feel. So to sever the link between the emotion that you feel and your thought processes (and this is not pleasant place) put your attention on the emotion: you feel it. It’s unpleasant but it wont kill you. A child may not be able to do that but in an adult fear is not going to kill you. (It might kill you if you allow it to arise  into your mind as you might commit suicide but it wont kill you in itself.) So, feel it and then you shine a light of awareness on it. You may have to do that a lot. At first its not pleasant, but it’s a burning up of the old emotion. The only way to get rid of it, is to accept it as it is right now. That complete acceptance of what is, is actually the doorway through it, it’s the transformation of it. And if it’s extreme, that can become your main meditation in life and that will become your main teacher. And that will bring about your transformation. In some people’s lives there is one huge disability, one huge source of suffering or pain – it could be a physical disability, it could be a situation, it could be an emotion that you carry inside that doesn’t want to go away. So in certain people’s lives there is one major thing that seems to color your entire life and seemingly makes it impossible to be free or happy or joyful. But if that one thing, if you surrender to it, allow it to be, and make it as a continuous spiritual practice you’d need nothing else. That one thing will transform you if you surrender to it. And there will come a point when you are grateful that you had to go through that. It will be the greatest spiritual teacher.

-Eckhart Tolle

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