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Would You Date You?

When we open up the definition of the word ‘relationships’ to a wider and very important way of thinking, relationships with other people are just one piece of the puzzle. If we come to see that ALL of the relationships in our lives – to family, friends, your community, the world, your emotions, your belief systems, food, addictions, and even the family pet – are barometers of how we coexist in an intimate relationship we will expand our minds and have a better understanding of what connection means.

When you study and realize an approach to life that expands your consciousness and gives you a foundation, you are grounded within your own heart and soul. You have a lot to give someone else because you are fulfilled on your own. When you commit to really going deeper, into whatever belief system or mode you choose, you’re tapping into your abundant ability to love yourself, and others. If you never take the time to work at these things for your own growth, how can you work on a relationship with another person?

You need to be 100% true to yourself before you can bond with another person. This is the kind of relationship you should strive for and it’s the type I found in my life. Finding the love of your life is a journey. It may feel like a difficult one, but with awareness and an open heart it has great rewards. When you are busy fulfilling this completeness, the focus is on being a warm, inviting and happy person. The pressure that you or society has placed on you to “win over” a mate no longer distracts you. It’s not a game show competition or a beauty contest! This is your life and you want to live it in a way that honors and celebrates who you are. Once you have an authentic and confident view of who you are, with an understanding of what is keeping you back your relationships with everything will change. You’ll have the kind of fulfilling relationship we all deserve, each and every one of us.

When you embrace who you are, and stop thinking you’ll never find that soul mate, love will find you. Your mind is very powerful. If you get to a stage in your personal development where there is true self-acceptance, compassion, and understanding, your mind will create the prince or the princess. It can also – depending on how you see yourself and the world around you – create the frog or the troll! Your mind conjures the kind of life you have. It is that powerful. We are all creating our own reality. How would you like yours to play out? Clear the way from negative thinking and embrace who you are. You need to enjoy and celebrate the journey, not just the destination. If you learn to see it that way, you are welcoming love into your life and you will definitely find it. Look at your quest for a great relationship as a journey into the unison of your own soul in full knowledge that your soul is complete within itself.

Love, Love, Love


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