PALE CORYDALIS - for facing changes or new experiences in life


PANSY - releases the need to be sick in order to have a rest


PAPAYA - clears identity crisis relating to sexuality


PAPER BIRCH - aligning oneself with true purpose, revealing true & essential self within


PASSION FLOWER - embracing the concept of something new & wonderful arising from the ashes of the old, the phoenix principle


PAW PAW - eases extremes in eating patterns & related issues


PEACE - Courage. Opens the individual to the inner dynamic of courage that is aligned to universal courage


PEACH - speeds up the healing process, enhances other essences, for pre-occupation of absentmindedness


PEACH FLOWERED TEA-TREE - completion of goals and projects, trust and responsibility in own health, enhances pancreas energy


PEAR - spinal alignment with aid of practitioner, balances intellect


PEARL - gaining insight through inner confrontation


PENNYROYAL - free expression of opinions, work with authority, but remember also to rest; protection from negativity of others


PENSTEMON - inner strength through adversity, confidence


PEONY - releasing constraints, allowing flashiness to be fun


PEPPERMINT - mental alertness, release mental sluggishness


PERIDOT - breaks up congestion from emotional/environmental stress


PERIWINKLE - increases ability to accept acknowledgment, balances excessive generosity


PETUNA - helps determine and logically examine priorities, speech improvement


PINCUSHION CACTUS - dealing with financial setbacks


PINE - seeing mistakes as lessons, for those who always feel they should have done better even when they have done well


PINEAPPLE - belief in own ability, for manifestation of needed resources whether mental, emotional or material


PINEAPPLE WEED - freedom from risk through harmony with one's surroundings, increases harmony between mothers & children


PINE CONES - this is for those who are trapped by the authoritarian powers of others, and feel unable to escape from them


PINK MONKEY FLOWER - balances early sexual programming no longer appropriate to the present time


PINK PUSLANE - this is the remedy for the self-opinionated, for those who go about with ‘blinkers' on


PINK PUSSY TOES - deals with deep male fear of being used by females for reproductive purposes only, hard feminist views


PINK SEAWEED - patience before new beginning, thought before action


PINK TOURMALINE - expands capacity for loving


PINK YARROW - balances emotional vulnerability through increased emotional strength


PIPSISSEWA - decision maker, clears ambivalence


PLANTAIN - clears mental blocks & draws off negativity


PLATINUM - appreciating what has true and lasting value in life


PLUM - patience with evolution of soul; understanding that aging is part of the intended process, not a punishment or dirty trick


POISON HEMLOCK - going through transitions without getting stuck


POISON OAK - eases skin reactions


POLAR ICE - dealing with transition & completion of cycles, of rhythmic & harmonious movement, understanding subtleties of time


POLYANTHUS - dissolves blocks to receive abundance


POMEGRANATE - transforms emotions from feeling there was a lack of childhood nurturance, freedom of creative energy


POTAGE GLACIER - for cleansing & revitalizing, removing impurities & leaving only what is necessary  (blend)


PRETTY FACE - looking beyond the surface for true attributes  (blend)


PRICKLY PEAR CACTUS - eases volatile issues within couples, increases emotional compatibility & objectivity


PRICKLY ROSE - dealing with concept of death


PRICKLY WILD ROSE - openness & renewed interest in life, safeguarding heart form staying closed after conflict


PRINCESS PLUM - balances over-concern with standing in community, when status governs choices rather than true desires


PURPLE BEE BALM - seeing your path more clearly, speaking the truth


PURPLE CLEMATIS - gradually dissolves sexual issues & fears


PURPLE CONEFLOWER - supports a humble attitude towards others while maintaining own conviction & centredness


PURPLE CROCUS - resolving tension from grief & loss


PURPLE FLUORITE - calming and balancing on all levels. Reduces mental stress, confusion, uncertainty. Helps maintain balance and harmony between the inner self and the outer world. Promotes openness to spiritual levels of being and helps us overcome those aspects of ourselves that hinder our ability to attune to these levels


PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE - reduces ego-centric position, helps one become a clearer channel


PURPLE MAGNOLIA - open, moderated expression of sesuality & sexuality, increase couple communication


PURPLE MULLEIN - for integration of new ideas into experience


PURPLE PRAIRIE CLOVER - for those who have it together in all areas except one


PUSSYPAWS - brings mountains down to mole hill size so one can handle them, re-establishes sense of proportion.