OAK - to know & work within one's limits, for those who take on more then they can handle & become annoyed when they can't handle it


OBSIDIAN - comfort with individuality


OCOTILLO - for unexpressed feelings erupting in uncontrolled ways, insight & acceptance of emotions without feeling victimized by them


OKRA - returns ability to see the positive in one's life and environment


OLD MAN BANKSIA - enhances thyroid energy, enthusiasm, enjoyment & interest in life


OLD MAN'S WHISKERS - deals with hair/aging/virility/issues in men


OLIVE - for renewed, revitalized interest in life


ONE-FLOWERED WINTERGREEN - for experiencing a let down or mild disappointment, "ah, that's too bad"


ONE-SIDED WINTERGREEN - understanding resonance, awareness of how one's energy affects the others & vice versa


ONION - peels off layers, clearing down to the core of an issue


OPAL - grounding, restores hope & inspiration


ORANGE - remaining calm in the midst of chaos


ORANGE HAWKWEED - dealing with aspects of unique vs. mundane


ORANGE HONEYSUCKLE - evokes peaceful creativity


ORANGE RUFFLES - receptivity. Stabilizes the individual during the expansion of his sensory system


ORCHID - brings issues to the surface for conscious recognition


OREGOLD - stabilizes and balances the cranial, central nervous system and sacrum after an expansion process is complete


OREGON GRAPE - overcome fear of emotional hostility, either within oneself or coming from others


OX-EYE DAISY - for total perspective, being centred


OXALIS - for things that 'have you by the throat' and seem to be so overpowering that there looks to be no way out