NARCISSUS - resolution of problems or fears through self-nurturing


NARROWLEAF BLUEBELL - handling peer pressure in any age group


NASTURTIUM - restores vital physical life energy during times of intense mental-level focus


NECTARINE - helps one get through transition periods, tolerance with those who do not think as you do


NETTLE - stagnation - for periods when one seems to be stuck and going nowhere. Promotes patience, humility, adaptiveness, acceptance and purification of self by selfless action. Enhances one's perception of the root of difficulties/self deception. Helps one to feel and be protected during a major cleansing period - through greater awareness less extreme upheavals are necessary to overcome negative karmic patterns


NEW ZEALAND ROSE - for those at a crossroads, opening to acceptance, harmony & tranquility


NEW ZEALAND WATERMELON - strengthens conviction, eases procrastination, releases resentment of authority


NIGHT FLOWERING CATCHFLY - dealing with division of attitudes toward raunchy or bawdy behaviour


NODDING ONION - uplifts sense of humour


NOOTKA ROSE - helps one express love of life, laughter & joy


NORTHERN LADY'S SLIPPER - allows one's being to be touched & healed by infinite gentlesness


NORTHERN LIGHTS - cleansing & repatterning energies especially around the heart, for reaching beyond ourselves to basic universal pattern


NORTHERN TWAYBLADE - opening to the infinite, attuning one's perceptions to more subtle levels of physical manifestation


NYMPHENBURG - Strength. Supports and holds the strength created by the balance of the body/soul fusion, and facilitates the individual's ability to regain that balance