MACARTNEY ROSE - eases introversion, helps one feel more connected to their community


MACROCARPA -affinity to the adrenal glands, energy, strength, vitality, increased immunity activity in body


MADERIA CITRINE - releases fear, anger & frustration


MADIA - concentration, fous, attention to detail & follow-through


MAGNOLIA - become separate entity from mother with self-activating ability


MALA MUJER - helps positive expression of feminine qualities, release emotional tensions bringing lighter, more honest quality to self-expression (bitchy, venomous, shrewish, grouchy..guys too!!)


MALACHITE - alleviate known fears, stimulates vision centre of the brain


MALLOW - release social insecurity, develop friendships

MALLOW (Scotland)   harmonize thinking and feeling. Intellectualizing your feelings is a way of escaping emotional


connection with others. Communicate from your heart


MALVA ZEBRINA - clarity of purpose and direction that comes from integration of mind, body


MAZANITA - clears ambivalence wit physical nature, appreciate physical body/world with its limits & restrictions


MARIGOLD - inner listening, hearing others, for improvement of communication


MARIPOSA LILY - increase receptivity to human love


MARSH THISTLE - the remedy for those locked in the past. For those who cling to old outmoded patterns of thought and behaviour


MAUVE MULLEIN - assists those ready to open to new realms


MAYBELLE STEARNS - stabilizes and supports the sacrum during an expansion experience


MEADOW DEATH CAMAS - dealing with details that never end


MESQUITE - increases awareness of cosmos, gives one ability to distance oneself for a larger perspective


MEXICAN SHELLFLOWER - for embracing life & its possibilities, coming out of one's shell


MEXICAN STAR - strong, self-contained individuality, enjoying one's uniqueness rather than feeling isolated by it


MEXICAN SUNFLOWER - eases conflict between emotional & practical sides, increases tact, caution & discrimination


MILKWEED - transforms dependence into self-nurturing autonomy


MIMULUS - courage, confidence, release fear of known things, faith in own abilities


MINER'S CANDLE - getting an overview in the midst of the details


MINGIMINGI - eases emotional stress associated with dynamics of broken families


MOCK ORANGE - encourages those who need to get out and have more fun


MOLYBDENUM - relates to issues of co-dependence


MONEY PLANT - balances beliefs about good fortune and material success

MONKEY FLOWER  stand in confidence to uphold your truth. Transform insecurity and fear by standing in your power


MONKSHOOD - increases ability to interact with others through stronger identification with oneself, share physical space easily


MONTBRETIA - invokes positive healing force in auric field to deflect beginnings of ill health


MOON SNAIL - cleanses the mind to let in light


MOONSHINE YARROW - calms overwhelming or extreme emotions


MOONSTONE - centres a person when feeling scattered


MORNING GLORY - vitality, alertness, helps one get up in morning & face the day, helps to break old habits that are retarding growth


MOSCHATEL - encourages intuitive connection with plant kingdom


MOSS - this is to help those who fear freedom and lightness in their lives. Often a fear of dark spaces within the being


MOSS CAMPION - earthiness, good for earthy people


MOTHER OF PEARL - increases initiative, power to begin things, sparks enterprising abilitiy


MOUNTAIN DEVIL - release of negative emotional tendencies, forgiveness, happiness, unconditional loving


MOUNTAIN MAHOGANY - provides gentle but firm push toward the next stage of development


MOUNTAIN PENNYROYAL - clears mind of negative thoughts especially those taken on from other people


MOUNTAIN PRIDE - strength & assertiveness toward obstacles


MOUNTAIN VALERIAN - dealing with physical hurts


MOUNTAIN WORMWOOD - healing old wounds, releasing unforgiven areas in our relationships with self & others


MOUSE-EAR CHICWEED - dealing with people who are immature in their presentation of themselves


MR. LINCOLN - balances and stabilizes the cerebrospinal fluid pulse while it alters its rhythm and patterning to accommodate the expansion


MUGWORT - clarity during dreaming, intuitive balance


MULLA MULLA - eases trauma associated with fire, heat or even sunburn, releases fear of flames or hot objects


MULLEIN - being true to oneself, fulfill one's true potential


MUSSEL - release burden of anger, stand up emotionally straight


MUSTARD - joy, serenity, peace of mind


MYCENA - facing difficulties & uncertainties with confidence




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