LABRADOR TEA - relieves stress associated with experiencing extremes, balances perspective


LABRADORITE - eases residual energies relating to childhood issues


LACE FLOWER - realizing one's contribution to the whole


LADIES TRESSES - re-aligning with one's unique path in life, deep internal alignment


LADY'S MANTLE (Alchemilla xanthochlora)- protective cloak of benevolence & protection, healing the mother within or the experience within the mother (prenatal)

LADY'S MANTLE (Alchemilla vulgaris)  bring to light your inherent natural intelligence. Enhance lateral thinking and


problem solving. Expand awareness and responsiveness by bridging the mind-body divide


LADY'S SLIPPER - helps one collect, focus and release one's energy for one's own healing

LAUREL  hold your vision, get organized and bring your plan into manifestation


LAMB'S QUARTERS - accessing information through the heart before interpreting it through the mind


LANCE-LEAVED SPRING BEAUTY - using up stored fat, staying motivated during a slenderness program


LAPIS LAZULI - allows anxiety to release, increases self-expression


LARCH - increase self-confidence in creative expression


LARIMAR - promotes harmony with planet Earth


LARKSPUR - generosity, altruism, true leadership qualities


LATE YELLOW LOCOWEED - dealing with addictive substances including alcohol, coffee, food, salt, sugar, starch and tobacco


LAVENDER - inner peace through self-appreciation & spiritual self-knowledge


LEMON - recognize & use intelligence, clarity of thought, helps write exams, not afraid to have others recognize intelligence


LEOPARDSBANE - For those who are at a point of major change, but feel as though they are living on a knife-edge


LEPODOLITE - balances both the mind and emotions. Promotes inner peace, harmony, stillness and clarity. Helps maintain inner centeredness and focus on the present. Encourages the willingness to change and grow and promotes gentle, gradual inner development


LESSER STITCHWORT - for 'possession' i.e., for those whose behaviour is dominated by others or by strongly held ideas


LETTUCE - calms over-excited response to creative process which dies before new idea is actually manifested


LILAC - for those whose personal development has been stunted, often caused by a dominant parent


LILY OF THE VALLEY - redemption of choice through simple behavior


LIME    cultivate harmonious relationships. Transform intolerant attitudes and behaviour. Be at peace with yourself, your


neighbors and your world

LIRA - returns ability to see the positive in one's lfe and environment


LITTLE FLANNEL FLOWER - for unabashed playfulness and having fun


LIVE FOREVER - information filters from the higher self without interruption from conscious mind, longevity increases


LODGEPOLE PINE - aids in release of self-condemnation related to loss of purpose. Walk your own path


LOQUAT - more openness to change, eases nervous stomach/motion sickness/nausea


LOTTERY - balances attitudes towards winning, not waiting for winning to solve life's problems


LOTUS - acts as a philosopher's stone, spiritual tonic & enhancer


LOVAGE - release feelings of awkwardness & discomfort, release physical & emotional toxins


LOW DAISY - for those who are uncomfortable being alone, always craving ‘the action'


LOW LARKSPUR - see (False Hellebore)


LUFFA - allows need for ill health as focus to diminish, balances intro/extroversion, eases hyperactivity & claustrophobia


LUNGWORT - dealing with physical pain, one's own or others


LYALL'S ROCK CRESS - releases tendency to plan, even the emotional responses to life, encourages openness to find pleasure in the unexpected aspects of living, increases expectancy for the unexpected


LYALL'S SAXIFRAGE - eases self-absorption to include appreciation of others