KANGAROO PAW - increases social savoir faire, relaxed enjoyment of other people


KAPOK BUSH - increases persistence rather than give up too easily, increased perception of how things work


KINNIKINNICK - especially for people in a 12 step program like A.A.


KLEIN'S PENCIL CHOLLA CACTUS - creativity & growth dealing with relationship that is feeling stuck


KNOTWEED - releases unresolved issues causing grumpiness


KOENIGN VAN DAENMARK - balances right & left brain activity, aids with visualization


KOROMIKO - release of long-standing indecisiveness, sort out ideas for further analysis and those requiring action, helps movement towards peace instead of stagnation


KUNZITE - release of emotional issues leading to inner harmony, increases self-esteem


KYANITE - works primarily on the emotional level: gentle, balancing, calming. Helps to clear and balance negative emotions such as anger, frustration and jealousy. Indirectly - via the emotional level - balances and calms the mind and physical body. Contentedness: promotes acceptance of, and trust in, the ultimate perfection of all things



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