JACARANDA - quick thinking, clear mindedness, decisiveness


JACOB'S LADDER - eases need to control events in our lives, allows mental control to evolve into spiritual receptivity


JADE - marked increase in appreciation for own talents, releases unknown fears connected with exposing talents to others


JAMESONITE - acts as an amplifier


JASMINE - haronize with society yet maintain individualtiy


JELLYFISH - fluidity & letting go into the experience


JEWELFLOWER - balanced appreciation of natural vs. man-made


JEWELWEED - Promotes a gentle, loving, joyous, humble, peaceful state of beingness. Helps one to face one's fears with this attitude - to feel (not fight) them without being overwhelmed and let go of them - clearing our negative or inappropriate parts of one's self. Total surrender and acceptance of what drops away and what comes back. Allowing change to manifest while remaining inwardly centred, feeling love and loved


JONQUILS - eases mental & emotional trauma caused by vulnerability to other people's uncertainty & fears


JUDASPENNING - balances striving for earthly possessions & power with spiritual opening, for people who 'have to' do so many things


JUNK FOOD - courage to say what you think/feel even if you know it to be unpopular, instead of stuffing it down with junk food