ABELIA - co-ordinate brain activity, balance logic/language with intuition/imagination

ACACIA - access to one's practical nature, bringing it in line with more frivolous side

AGAPANTHUS - release of negative feelings deeply embedded in the subconscious; racial/heredity, present from birth or early childhood

AGRIMONY - inner peace & hones cheerfulness

ALASKAN POPPY - integrating activity with rest, evolution with being

ALDER - allows seeing to become knowing, recognizing truth in personal experience

ALEXANDRITE - centering that comes with increased self-esteem

ALFALFA - encourages an even growth pattern in all areas of life

ALOE VERA - restores life energy by integrating creative aspect

ALMOND - rejuvenation of the physical, gaining mental maturity

ALPINE BUTTERCUP - for artists, musicians, performers who have to be 'up' even if the don't feel like it, for P.R.

ALPINE MILK VETCH - for dealing with people who are soured by life & sour it for anybody who comes near them.

ALPINE SPEEDWELL - release tendency to throw over the whole project or idea if one part is out of sync.

AMARANTHUS - eases disorientation, increases attention span.

AMAZONITE - integrates mental, spiritual & emotional.

AMBASSADOR - Pattern. Aids the individual in seeing the relationship of the part to the whole, in perceiving his pattern and purpose.

AMBER - clears inflexibility, for feeling uplifted.

AMBLYGONITE - increases insight and ability to understand.

AMETHYST - balances personal freedom through decrystalization.

ANCIET YEW  Emergence. Realize your life purpose. Cast off burdens that hold you back ,take spontaneous action that leads to new directions for change and growth.

ANEMONE - acceptance of self & others, creating your own reality.

ANGEL'S TRUMPET - crossing the spiritual threshold during deep transformation or even death, letting go of physical life when appropriate.

ANGELICA - gaining insight into problems, eases disorientation.

APOPHYLLITE - being more creative in finding joy.

APPLE - (M) issue of male blaming females for his choices.

APPLE - (F) issue of female taking blame for other's choices, especially males

APPLE  (Crab apple) focus on your purpose with enthusiasm and perseverance and use your will to realize

the goal.

APRICOT - eases mood & behavior swings especially from sugar imbalances, firms buttocks and breasts, weight issues.

AQUAMARINE - balances sensitivity of emotions & intellect.

ARBUTUS - spiritual tonic, enhances depth & integrity.

ARIZONA WHITE OAK - changing feelings of nostalgia, depression or fear of change into comfort, stability, rest & strength.

ARNICA - maintain connection with the higher self.

ARROWLEAF BALSAMROOT - for those needing a large personal space but are unable to declare or maintain it, always feeling crowded.

ASPEN - open to new things, relief from vague fears.

ASTER - accepting cycles of life even when they appear harsh.

AUST. BLACK-EYED SUSAN - inner peace by slowing down, turning inward and being still.

AUST. BLUEBELL - opens the heart to joyful sharing by recognizing more TheStore.

AUST. PAW PAW - releases overwhelmed feelings when burdened by decisions.

AUST. WISTERIA - increases gentleness with sexual enjoyment.

AVENTURINE - integrates mental, spiritual & emotional.

AVOCADO - balances eliminative processes, increases intuition.

AZURITE - relieves anxieties & related tensions.