ICE CREAM BEAN - eases cravings & related issues


ICELANDIC POPPY - opening to & maintaining a spiritual focus


ILLAWARRA FLAME TREE - self approval, self reliance, confidence to be able to thrive in spite of occasional rejection


IMPATIENS - patience, tolerance, understanding, acceptance


INCENSE CEDAR - energies relating to hair growth, colon function


INDIAN DEER CRYSTAL - heightened sensitivity, dreams, meditation, visualizing. enhances energy & confidence


INDIAN PAINTBRUSH - emotional maturity dealing with frustrations


INDIAN PINK - aids sensitivity in the midst of intense activity


INDIAN PIPE - for those who suffer love - sickness, for the ending of a relationship, grieving and moving on to love again


INDIAN ROOT - overcoming tendency to complicate what is essentially simple, realizing deep seated fears that block flow of expression


INDIAN TOBACCO - seeing process as opportunity, not hindrance, seeing things below the surface with depth and meaning

IONA PENNYWORT   live with integrity and awareness. Banish guilt and self-judgement. Cast a ray of light into the dark


corners of your mind. Accept and integrate your shadow side


IRIS - overcome frustration & limitation, for creative inspiration


ISOPOGON - ability to learn from past experiences, retrieval of forgotten skills/memories/or sources of pleasure


IVORY - balances inner discipline