HACKBERRY - gives one permission to feel unresolved grief, or release a resolvable regret


HAIRCAP MOSS - For those who emotionally hold everything inside - at times they feel they could explode but continue to suppress the natural outlet available. Tears are difficult, with excessive urination, the only outlet for this emotional holding


HAIRY BUTTERWORT - helps one move through threshold points of transition


HAIRY SEDGE - For poor memory caused by mental attitudes. In such people there is a chronic lack of attention to the present moment


HAREBELL - unconditional loving

HAREBELL (Scotland)  Alignment. Believe in yourself. Trust in your abilities to feel good about yourself and to prosper


HARVEST BRODIAEA - handle discrepancy between the way things really are & the way you would like them to be


HARVEST LILY - increases ability to see another's point of view

HAZEL  increases ability to see another's point of view


HAZELNUT - Antidote for loneliness. Often there is a need for aloneness & solitude, spiritually these times are often necessary. This essence strengthens one's desire to once again be a part of the world


HEAL-ALL - Supports a deeper understanding and re-evaluation of one's place in society/the universe. Promotes a sense of wonderment, thankfulness, compassion, humility, harmony. Great for those who heal and/or are being healed. Calrity: helps one to perceive the inner and outer origins of Seeming Blockage's in one's life - especially buried traumatic emotional experiences - and to overcome/release/heal them


HEART LEAVED ARNICA - for issues relating to being the youngest child or last born in the family


HEART LEAVED TWAYBLADE - dealing with loss of business or venture that fizzled before it got off the ground


HEATHER - overcome emotional fears of others, release feelings of isolation


HEDGEHOG CACTUS - clarifies difference between self-nurturing and over-indulgence


HELLEBORUS - broken romances, understanding the purpose of aging


HEMATITE - Encourages greater physical and mental self expression by reducing inhibitions on these levels. Dissolves blockages in energy flow. Enhances inspiration/inventiveness on the mental level and helps with the grounding of such thoughts, both theoretically and on the physical level. Supports a centered and grounded restructuring of one's life after a period of transformation or upheaval. Increases self-esteem


HENNA - eases identity crisis during growing periods, wisdom


HERKIMER DIAMOND - Promotes mental clarity, focus and discrimination. Enhances dreams, visions and telepathic communication. Vitalizes the physical body and reduces physical and mental fatigue. Promotes prosperity, the acceptance of prosperity, and the necessary sense of responsibility and purity of motives needed by the prosperous


HIBBERTIA - releases addiction to self-improvement


HIBISCUS - clearer view of past giving clearer view of present


HIMALAYAN BLUE CLOVER - steadfast hope & joy, able to make up one's mind & not be swayed by other's opinions


HOARY BALSAMROOT - handling extremes in weather patterns


HOLLY - increases compassion, antidote for negative states


HOLLYHOCK - releases issues relating to physical stature

HOLY THORN  Open your heart. Let down the barriers that inhibit love's expression. Accept yourself and others unconditionally


HONESTY - This remedy is for help with bringing openness and receptivity where previously there were subversive negative characteristics


HONEYSUCKLE - letting go of romantic view of the past


HOOKER'S ONION - for feeling lighthearted & refreshed


HOOKER'S THISTLE - for those who have been uprooted and moved from one culture to another, especially if not by their own choice


HOP TREE - anxiety from losing sight of one's purpose, stay focused on essentials, ignoring distractions


HOPS - assists those seeking spiritual growth & development


HORNBEAM - increased involvement through confidence in own energy and ability


HORSEMINT - for those who crave change for its own sake


HORSETAIL - enhances communication with one's different levels of consciousness, for connectedness


HOUND'S TONGUE - aids in receiving spiritual insights


HOUSE LEEK - supports the source of life-energy by cleansing & revitalizing energy of the reproductive organs


HOYA - Dealing with the feelings of frustration and resentment and not knowing how to dispel them


HYSSOP - alleviates guilt on all levels, (strenghtens immunity)