GARDENIA - increases capacity for romance in your life, recognizing ways in which to enhance the romantic aspects

GARDEN PEA - cultivate confident, articulate self-expression. Let go self-doubt and negative self-talk. Clear the blocks


to heartfelt communication and speak your truth

GARLIC - releasing fear, insecurity & nervousness, insect repellant


GEM SILICA - increases comfort with psychic nature


GENTIAN - perseverance, confidence despite setbacks


GILIA - for handling criticism or being critical


GINGER - balances experiences relating to mothering or being mothered


GINGER BLOSSOM - eases intensity of relationship too tight for growth of individuals

GINKGO - maintain mind-body equilibrium. When you are feeling disconnected, stimulate your light responsive third


eye so body and mind work harmoniously and in sync


GINSENG - clarity in directing & using creativity, balances yin/yang


GLACEIR LILY - puberty issues, for development of sexual interest & desire before allowed by social or emotional environment to participate, teen with/skin problems addressed

GLOBETHISTLE -  tap into reserves of patience, flexibility and endurance. When caring and giving promotes


dependence, know your limitations and honour your own needs


GOAT WEED - helps with anticipation of being accepted or rejected


GOATSBEARD - increases ability to visualize self into state of deep relaxation


GOLD - eases lethargy & depression, increased ability to give/love


GOLDEN CORYDALIS - re-integration of one's identity after experience of transformation, creates positive focus for further growth


GOLDEN DRABA - for noticing and appreciating that which is familiar


GOLDEN EAR DROPS - gaining perspective on unhappy childhood experiences


GOLDEN FLEABANE - handling being the black sheep of the herd

GOLDEN IRIS - realize powers of right perception and discernment. Act in harmony with your wisdom and master


impulses that hinder good judgement


GOLDEN TOPAZ - Helps overcome attachments on the physical, emotional and mental levels. Reduces egotism. Promotes humilitiy, openness, inner light and joy. Helps one to focus on the inner light within all beings rather than on external differences


GOLDENROD - being true to oneself in relation to others


GOLDENROD BUD - insight into extent and use of your own power


GOOSEBERRY - for women & the depression associated with infertility or the prospect of a hysterectomy


GORSE - restores faith & hope

GORSE (EUROPAEUS) -  Lift up your heart and mind. When you are disheartened, withdrawn or depleted of energy,


bring light into your life and activate your enthusiasm and dynamism

GRAPE HYACINTH - creates dissociation from external shock, despair or stress


GRAPEFRUIT - releases tension in temples, head & jaw


GRASS OF PARNASSUS (PARNASSIA GLAUCA) - accessing light for cleansing and purification of subtle vibrational levels

GRASS OF PARNASSUS (PARNASSIA PALUSTRIS) -  open your heart. Let down your barriers and release your frear. Have faith in the healing power of love


GRASS WIDOW - releasing old beliefs & limiting patterns


GREAT PYRAMID - attunement, alignment with Universal forces, balances male/female polarity, centering & neutralizing stress


GREEN BELLS OF IRELAND - feeling at home on planet Earth


GREEN BOG ORCHID - releasing constriction held deep in the heart


GREEN FAIRY ORCHID - realizing & accepting oneness


GREEN GRAPE - eases addictive patterns relating to mental, emotional, and physical realms


GREEN GARNET - brings yin/yang energies into balance


GREEN GRASS - helps one appreciate the green of the grass on this side of the fence


GREEN JADE - release of unknown fears


GREEN ROSE - emotional stability while intuitive develops, clears intuitive channel (night terrors)


GREEN TOURMALINE - balances self discipline


GREY SPIDER FLOWER - releases terror & panic, for faith & courage


GROUSEBERRY -dealing with people who are so out of touch they don't even recognize it


GROVE SANDWORT - open to support from the earth, healing patterns from mother/child bonding


GRUSS AN AACHIEN - stability. Balances and stabilizes the body/soul unit on all PEMS levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) as it moves forward in its evolutionary process


GUM PLANT - all process to flow by getting out of one's own way


GUNNISON 'S MARIPOSA LILY - for feeling comfortable within oneself, for the ability to holiday in one's head if not able to do so physically