flowers of visalia


flowers of visalia


flowers of visalia




1. What are Iris Essences and how can they help me?   


Iris Essences remedies help balance countless issues but are basically targeted to increase your coping skills, give clarity in your thinking process and help the physical body repair. Our Pet remedies are effective for your pet's stress and behavioural problems that result from fears, traumas and phobias (like separation anxiety).


Flowers contain the highest concentration of ‘life force’ of a plant. Flower essences are classified as 'vibrational' remedies or energy medicine. Essences react much like a virus scanner in a computer. They search and destroy negative thought patterns or mental/emotional blocks.  Each essence has a very specific energy signature that un-clears different blocks.  Flower essence remedies act as catalyst stimulating the natural self repair mechanisms of the body to rejuvenate and regenerate.


Traditional medicines from around the world, such as Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine in India, have known that over 90% of our physical maladies start with emotional imbalances. In Traditional Chinese medicine, symptoms of various illnesses are seen as the culmination of disrupted or unbalanced chi circulation through the channels known as meridians in acupuncture. By restoring the flow of chi, the vital life energies can flow harmoniously  through the human energy support system until the immunological system is vigorous enough to take over. Every living organism has an energetic blueprint. Sometimes we are in balance, sometimes we get 'out of tune' when experiencing energy from negative thoughts and emotions and this obscures our perfect blueprint. These negative experiences can overwrite our “programs” (similar to a computer virus) and create blockages. Plant essences are effective in harmonizing emotions, beliefs and behaviours that impact negatively on your health and wellbeing. By taking essences, you seek to balance the body’s electrical system, stabilize the nervous system and release negative emotions to heal yourself.

“Utilizing flower remedies, many practitioners have achieved clinical success in relieving long-standing patterns of emotional distress and personality dysfunction. The subtle bodies influence the physical body by altering its susceptibility to illness from any external or internal agent.” Dr. Richard Gerber MD

People around the world have been using Iris' formulas for over 4 decades.  We have a unique process that ensures the utmost effectiveness - ensuring that you won't experience another product like it. 

Our formulas are non-scented, non-alcoholic and non-habit forming. 

2. Explain how this formula is safe for my pet and my baby

Our aloe vera juice base formulas:

are fractionally distilled from the 'aloe vera barbadensis miller’ plant that has over 200 beneficial components. The mucopolysaccaride chain is broken down extracting the sugar in order to eliminate adding any preservatives and increase shelf life. A distillate is a liquid that consists of pure components of a plant in its most basic form. It is broken down into various parts with the undesirable elements removed. Most aloe vera products are slimy and have a very bitter taste. The aloe that we use is distilled to the point where it has virtually no taste. The chemical antagonists and some of the undesirable components that are mildly toxic are removed from the product that we use in our remedies. We combine aloe with spring water.

Iris’ formulas have been used on thousands of pets and people for over 40 years  with no reported side effects.

Our flower and plant essences:


do not contain physical components of plants and flowers. Our formulas can not harm.


Our vegetable glycerin base formulas:


contain 99% pure USP vegetable glycerin. This type of glycerin is a natural, food-sourced humectant that is used in pet and human vitamins, foods and treats.

Laboratory testing performed on our remedies bottled in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility certifies a very safe and pure product.


3. Should I use Pet Stress remedy for my pet?


Our Pet Stress remedy can be used successfully for the following:

  • stress in the household

  • separation anxiety

  • adapting to a pet newcomer in the house

  • grief for the loss of companion

  • help with pain or chronic illness

  • stress of showing pets, training

  • fearful behaviour or phobias (of thunder, etc)

  • cats stressed in multi-cat households

  • anxiety for car trips

  • pets dealing with chronic pain or illness

Stress contributes to common illnesses in our pets including skin conditions, poor sleep, problem behaviours, urinary tract disease in cats, etc. Reducing stress helps to clear the way to help heal your pet. 

"When I use essences on a pet who’s in shock, or has been hit by a car, bitten by another animal, or subjected to some other acute physical trauma, the results can be truly dramatic.” Dr. Martin Goldstein Veterinarian

4. How do I give this to my pets?

The easiest way to administer the remedy  is to put 10 drops in your pets water bowl. When it is empty, refill the bowl with water and another 10 drops.

The label indicates 10 drops 2x / day and that can be added to your pets food. The remedy can be rubbed into your pets ears or licked off your fingers on the way to the vet. Some people add the drops to some spring water in a spray bottle to spray on the pets fur or feathers. Any of these ways will be just as effective.

5. How long does it take to work? For how long can I use them?

Acute problems are treated for 3-5 days, medium length problems for 2 weeks or so and chronic conditions for 4 weeks plus. When using our essences, the effects of stress start to ease immediately; however, behavioural issues take longer to resolve. You will start seeing improvements within a week and you need to keep taking the drops to build on the successes. Being successful in any part of life requires persistence. Long term weight problems will require several months of usage. Pet owners have told us that their pets needed only one dose of Pet Stress drops before vet visits to calm down. Other customers have told us that they have had a solid nights sleep after a single dose of "Sleep".   See do Iris Essences work?  Think of it like using soap, if the dirt comes back, use it again. Use the remedies for as long as they are beneficial for you and your pets. 


6. Will it work for me? 

Try it! People have been using Iris' remedies successfully for over 40 years. Use 10 drops 2 times per day. When needed in times of acute stress, use them up to several times an hour. These products are meant to calm, de-stress and focus. They are safe and gentle in action and cannot harm if taken more frequently. Please note that our formulas are NON-drowsy.  Over 40 years  Doctor's view on Iris Essences with Dr Trevor Hoffman 


7. What is the difference between Iris Essences and essential oils, herbal remedies or homeopathy? 


Our plant and flower essences remedies are taken orally and are FREE of oils and scents. Essential oils are very different in that they are extracted from plants and the aromas work through the sense of smell. Essential oils are not specific in addressing emotional imbalances. Herbal extracts carry physical properties of plants, are usually in an alcohol base and are recommended for a specific physical ailment. They are far cruder in nature than flower essence remedies. Homeopathics use varied dilution ratios of plant and animal matter, and again, are recommended for a specific ailment; they are not self adjusting. You can take Iris Essence formulas with your vitamins, supplements or prescription medication without worry. We are free from scents or oils, alcohol, sugar, gluten, preservatives, drugs or chemicals. The good news is that our products can be used effectively with any modality.


8. I’m on medication will this react to it? 

Our formulas can be used with any other treatment or product including prescription medications, supplements, vitamins, etc. There are no known contraindications to any supplement or protocol.



9.  Can I use more than one blend at a time? 

Yes. Some people use several blends at a time. You may be better able to see results if dosing with one blend first for a couple of weeks and then another blend after that. This is a personal choice, however, as different formulas work just as effectively if taken together.


10. Can I contact Iris? 


Iris cannot be contacted through this site. We distribute her retail and wholesale products. Iris is not currently taking more private clients.


11. Can I order wholesale?

Yes. We sell to major retailers and small specialty stores across Canada.  Please contact us

12. How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE in Canada when two or more bottles are purchased. We use Expedited and Xpress post shipping and delivery times vary between 3 - 5 days. International shipping costs vary and local customs fees may apply.

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