FAIRY BELLS - deals with tough outer coating required to protect inner vulnerability


FAIRY DUSTER - balances tendency to swing between high & low energy states, between inflated expectations & dashed hopes/dreams


FAIRY LANTERN - comfort in being guided by unseen forces


FALSE DANDELION - releases tendency to want what one sees, regardless of practical aspects, visually triggered to desire


FALSE HELLBORE (& LOW LARKSPUR) - deals with people in a "War of the Roses" relationship with another person, an illness, or an issue they obsessively can't let go of, even if it destroys everything and everyone


FAWN LILY - acceptance of, and involvement in, the world; increases ability to cope with imbalances of existing society rather than depend exclusively on spiritual development


FEVERFEW - balances open/closes response to family or others


FIG - releases subconscious fears (especially in regard to pregnancy) increases confidence & memory


FILAREE - let go of worries, see life from cosmic or universal perspective


FIRE AGATE - noticing & responding positively to colours, receiving their benefits


FIRE PRICKLY PEAR - find alternative avenues of expression when the current form is no longer working, breaks obsessive concentration


FIRETHORN - This remedy is concerned with balancing up the "fire" energy within a person. This unbalance can be due to long-suppressed emotions


FIREWEED - realization of TheStore of love within & without, grounding, cleansing old energy patterns so that new life may enter


FISHHOOK CACTUS - dissolves defensive barriers to communication, encourages trusting & risking where appropriate


FIVE CORNERS - releases personality from imposed constraints for celebration of one's own beauty


FIVE FINGER - eases claustrophobia, giddiness or fainting


FLANNEL FLOWER - deals with dislike of being touched through gentleness & sensitivity, increasing physical connection with joy


FLUORITE - balances & clears the mind


FOOTHILLS PALOVERDE - deals with issues of shame & self judgement, brings mind to quiet place in touch with own perfection


FLOWERING CURRANT - for those who have lost heart but still keep going. Often they feel that they are facing inevitable defeat


FOUR-PARTED GENTIAN - releases tendency to wait until conditions are perfect before one can act, need to see the final outcome before the beginning


FORGET-ME-NOT - releasing hurt from past loves, letting go of blame


FORSYTHIA - transform old habits, patterns or addictions


FOUR-LEAF CLOVER - increases intuition for being in right place at right time (seemingly lucky)


FOXGLOVE - seeing though perceptual constrictions to the 'heart' of the matter, releasing tension around heart issues


FRINGED GRASS OF PARNASSUS - for excessive attachment to material possessions


FRINGED VIOLET - removes effects of trauma done to the auric field


FUCHSIA - awareness & understanding blocked emotions