EARLY PURPLE ORCHID - for unblocking the energy centres in the body and protecting any vulnerable spaces so created


EARLY TOWNSENDIA - getting over inertia to actually accomplish a task


EASTER LILY - free, relaxed expression of self without need for social masks


ECHINACEA - maintain core integrity when severely challenged


ECLIPSE - acceptance and insight. Enhances the individual's appreciation of his own inner knowing. Supports the mechanism which allows the body to receive the soul's input and insight


ELEPHANT'S HEAD - issues relating to feeling physically unattractive


ELM - for self-assured confidence

ELDER-  be the radiant and beautiful being you truly are. Release your expectation of perfection. Stimulate natural


powers of rejuvenation.


EMERALD - harmonize mental with emotional responses

ELECAMPANE - harmonize mental with emotional responses

ELF CUP LICHEN  release deep-seated, negative emotions and clear the way for positive change and personal transfromation


ENGLISH HAWTHORNE - for broken romances, emotional extremes, death of a loved one, releasing fear of hereditary illness


EUCALYPTUS - helps one when alone, eases conditions relating to all breathing apparatus


EUPHORBIA - helps with cleansing & purification, for fasting and skin improvement


EVENING PRIMROSE - increases independence & feeling safe, releases stress resulting from stifled crying


EVENING STAR - shifting from outer dependence to self-reliance with confidence and quiet surety




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