DAFFODIL - ease self-condemnation, clarity of thought


DAGGER HAKEA - forgiving those who will not change


DAISY - dealing with problems that resurface over & over, become aware of how one truly feels

DAISY (COMMON)   stay calm and focused. Overcome agitation and anxiety by centering yourself to remain stable and



DAMIANA - relaxes & restores radiant energy & sensuality


DANDELION - cut through emotional blocks & release tension, start to see some good in situations


DAPHNE - eases confusion or discomfort around one's name, clarity


DATE - clears emotions of boredom, loneliness or meaninglessness


DATE PALM - rejuuvenation instead of degeneration, releasing the fear of aging


DEATH CAMAS - spiritual rebirth, connection with all life, dealing with, or thinking about, death


DEER BRUSH - innocence of feeling and intention, brings clarity to those who may be acting from unconscious motivation


DESERT CHRISTMAS CHOLLA - when facing too many demands, this facilitates the communications of limits using humour & ease


DESERT HOLLY - opening easily to love rather than working at it


DESERT MARIGOLD - transforming victim pattern by being able to respond in a healthy fashion


DESERT WILLOW - helps one become flexible, soothed, sheltered, and surrender to the reality of abundance


DEVIL'S CLAW - withstanding another's use of attractiveness or personal magnetism to manipulate


DEVIL'S CLUB - for those on vision quests or the individual who has difficulty with issues of personal protection. Useful for those in puberty when the desire to strike out & rebel is the strongest


DEWBERRY - eases addictive responses that get triggered when one is in a particular group, stunted growth through association


DIAMOND - aura cleanser, develops courage & character


DILL - mental & emotional regeneration, feeling overwhelmed by the pace of life


DIOPTASE - embracing rather than resisting change


DOG ROSE - confidence, courage, belief in self


DOGBANE - for those needing to remove alcohol from their lives. It is valuable for the emotional support that can make the difference


DOGWOOD - gentleness & grace in relationships within self & with others


DOTTED GAYFEATER - for the (+) or (-) of previous generations of one's family on individual achievement


DOUBLE SNOWDROP - for when there are frozen attitudes and approaches to life. This remedy brings openness and a lighter touch


DUSTY MAIDEN - deals with low self-esteem thwarting aspirations above the present level of achievement

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