CABBAGE  boost dynamism. Convert procrastination into action and find joy at work

CALAMUS ROOT - for extremes of anxiety, stress, fear


CALCITE - expands mental capacity for spiritual understanding & growth


CALIFORNIA GRAPE - awakens desire to live without thought of self


CALIFORNIA PITCHER PLANT - relate vigorously & assertively in the physical world


CALIFORNIA POPPY - balanced intuitive & inner development, not being swayed by spiritual glamour 


CALIFORNIA WILD ROSE - vitality, rejuvenation, love of life


CALLA LILY - appreciation of beauty in simplicity, uncomplicated


CALYPSO ORCHID - recognizing & dealing with the seductive nature of the dark side


CAMELLIA - open to new attitudes reflecting true inner nature


CAMPHOR - eliminate cellular toxins (especially caffeine)


CAMPHORWEED - gently diffuses old patterns, gives sense of purpose, helping to stay on track & make things happen


CANDY BARREL CACTUS - making use of long stored abilities


CANDYSTICK - releases pelvic tension


CANE CHOLLA CACTUS - leap to a new point of view, embracing apparent duality


CANYON DUDLEYA -helps one differentiate between psychic and spiritual experiences, embracing these as part of normal experience


CARBON STEEL - balances inner discipline, releases if too rigid, strengthens if too weak


CARDINAL FLOWER - Spiritual Warrior. Transmutation of aggression/violence/

sexuality/passion into love. Promotes humility, purity of spirit, inner focus and unswerving devotion to one's spiritual path. Helps transmute an excessive or imbalanced sexual drive into a harmonious path towards mystic union. (This essence is best used alone)


CARDON - releases self-effacement & shame, repression is unlocked becoming source of strength. Creates impetus to change


CARNELIAN - attunes creative energies


CAROB - group communication & interaction with empathy


CASSANDRA - quiets the mind to see & hear expression of life on a more profound level


CAT'S EYE TOURMALINE - improves vision and visualizing ability


CATTAIL POLLEN - standing tall in one's own truth, courage during one's process of emergence


CAULIFLOWER - Stabilizes and balances the child during the birth process. Stabilizes body/soul/ balance in adult


CAYENNE - catalyzing quick change, overcoming ingrained habits


CELANDINE - increases attention span, lucid dreams, assists throat & vocal chords


CELERY - restores balance of the immune system when it is being over-worked or stressed and during long-term viral or bacterial infections


CELESTITE - Enhances all higher mental processes - including clairvoyance. Aids in the overcoming of fear of all types. Promotes sincerity and perseverance. Enhances the expression of free-will and reduces the influence of dominating and inharmonious energies. Increases focus on positive rather than negative qualities


CENTAURY - inner strength & inner directedness


CENTURY AGAVE - wisdom maturity & patience


CERATO - helps receive & trust inner guidance


CHALCEDONY - helps one call upon inspiration


CHALICE FLOWER - for activating sexual attraction, turning on 'beeper'


CHAMOMILE - emotional relaxation, inner calm & objectivity


CHAPARRAL - emotional cleansing, especially during sleep; freedom from excessive self-involvement


CHARLOCK - For the "Peter-Pans" of this world who cling to childhood states. The want to be liked and therefore often become a habitual victim


CHAROITE - eases fear


CHELIDONIUM - releasing fear of future, optimistic outlook & courage to move forward


CHERRY - establishes auric boundary by keeping field intact, allowing one to be generous & expansive with others

CHERRY (JAPANESE)  be openhearted and open-minded. Transcend negative inherent tendencies by consciously


conducting yourself with integrity and goodwill


CHERRY PLUM - courage & balance under extreme stress


CHESTNUT BUD - learning from experience instead of making the same mistakes over and over


CHICAGO PEACE - Stabilizes movement of, and interaction among, the cranial bones and sacrum during an expansion experience


CHICKWEED - being fully present & able to respond


CHICORY - let others learn from their own mistakes, appropriate giving & receiving


CHIMING BELLS - joy in physical existence, peace with one's own human nature


CHIVES - Re-establishes the power one has when the internal male/female dynamics are balanced and the person is functioning in a state of awareness within this balance


CHOCOLATE - blances cravings and related issues


CHOCOLATE LILY - creating a healthier concept of self-nurturance


CHOKO - encourages further growth through release of fear that paralyses emotions


CHRYSANTHEMUM - balances attitudes towards learning at any time of life, deals with self-worth related to learning


CHRYSOCOLLA - alleviates personal fears and guilt


CHRYSOPRASE - calling upon talents that have remained hidden due to the sex of the individual (i.e. male/cooking, female/carpentry)


CINQUEFOIL - discrimination, wisdom, reduces excessive mental deliberation & lack of focus


CITRINE - to release old patterns, for grief or depression


CLARY SAGE - brings clarity about who you are, results in sensuality as a result of being in tough with your own personal power


CLEAVERS - encourages higher inspiration


CLEAMATIS - grounding, fully present & able to respond, helps one form the unformed thoughts or ideas


CLIFF ROSE - unites intent with the power to act


CLUB MOSS - for people who are afraid of being alone. They may worry what others think of them. High intellect & low physical


COCONUT - balances polarity between restlessness & lethargy


COFFEE - eases over-analysis, for quick decision making & higher inspiration


COLUMBINE - self-appreciation of unique beauty regardless of how it differs from other's


COMFREY - Tonic for nervous system, connects body & brain, increases memory. Repairs higher vibrational soul damage that occurred in the present or a past lifetime


COMMANDRA - clearing & focusing awareness, open to subtle energies in nature


COMPAS BARREL CACTUS - accessing inner wisdom "to point the way" when feeling stuck


COPPER - increases ease of living that comes with self-confidence


CORAL - promotes order & structure, release hidden fears


CORAL BEAN - stimulates focus and will when facing or recovering from dangerous situations


CORN - Stabilization during universal/spiritual expansion. Assists transition of experience into useful, pertinent understanding and action. Emotional detachment & clarity especially in crowded environment


COSMOS - eases shyness, introversion & procrastination; for composure before speaking or initiating artistic expression


COTTON - balances energies to hormones regulating hair growth


COTTON GRASS - letting go of pain held in body, restoring equilibrium after injury or trauma, shifting focus from pain to wellness


COUGHGRASS - for those who find themselves holding on to old belief systems. Stubborn to a fault, they will twist their fear of change into a battle of egos. May result in low back pain


COW PARNSNIP - for thriving wherever you are, contentment with present circumstances, peace of mind during times of change


CRAB APPLES - inner & outer cleansing, balances sense of proportion with aspects we dislike in ourselves


CRAMPBARK - when there is a consolidation of work already done & new ideas, new visions & new projects are based on understandings already held. Also for flexibility on the spiritual plane


CRESTED IRIS - connects survival mode to spiritual mode


CROWBERRY - for youthful exuberance and enthusiasm


CROWN OF THORNS - freedom from the feeling that one must suffer unduly for that which is worthwhile. Abundance is our right


CROWWEA - releases vague worry, vitality and centering


CUCUMBER - rebalancing during depression. Vital reattachment to life



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