What is Abundance Really?

What is the first thing you think when you hear “abundance?” Money? Love? A large circle of friends and family? While we can apply the concept of abundance to all of those aspects of our lives, the essential meaning of abundance is that you are solidly happy with who you are and no external event or situation—whether good or bad—can add or subtract from that happiness. No one is happy all the time, but when you are truly in a mindset of abundance, you live with balance, hopefulness, and unlimited possibility. Our innate nature is one of peace and abundance; it comes from within. Abundance is a way of thinking and of living, even when you have less money, love, or support than you would like.

Isn't it a crutch?

I got a great question from a pet trainer: "I'm worried that some people will use your product and they will keep using it and it won't be good for the dogs long term. Then they won't want to stop using it because it will be a crutch." People use a variety of implements in training dogs: leashes, collars, treats, choke chains, etc. When your leg's broken should you limp around or should you get a crutch? Pet Training/Pet Stress is a support for the animals. It's a benefit for them during a stressful time of learning. There is no chance this product will be harmful long term and it is meant to be used until the period passes when the extra boost of support is no longer needed. Thanks for

Acceptance of the Unacceptable

What to do if you are in a state of anxiety or fear all the time? Not to allow the fear to rise up into your mind and control your thought processes. That would be a normal thing when you are identified with fear – the emotion that is there rises into your mind and causes you to think thoughts that correspond to the emotion: fearful thoughts in this case. And you would get a vicious circle building up between the emotional fear and the thoughts you think – which are fearful thoughts -which give more energy to the emotion. So the more fearful thoughts you think the more it perpetuates the fear that you feel. So to sever the link between the emotion that you feel and your thought processes (a

These Four Questions Can Change Your Life

All the suffering that goes on inside our minds is not reality, says Byron Katie. It's just a story we torture ourselves with. She has a simple, completely replicable system for freeing ourselves of the thoughts that make us suffer. "All war begins on paper," she explains. You write down your stressful thoughts, and then ask yourself the following four questions: Question 1: Is it true? This question can change your life. Be still and ask yourself if the thought you wrote down is true. Question 2: Can you absolutely know it's true? This is another opportunity to open your mind and to go deeper into the unknown, to find the answers that live beneath what we think we know. Question 3: How do

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