A Doctor's Perspective on Iris Essences

An Interview with Dr. Trevor Hoffman


Why do you recommend Iris Essences?


Because they work. Flower essences work on an energetic/emotional level; an area that is not dealt with that often in my clinical practice.


What effects have you seen with people taking the essences?


Patients have noticed great changes in their lives after taking them. People use them for various aspects: Golfers notice that their golf game improves for instance. Stress is a big issue, especially here in Calgary there is a lot of stress, and Stress Relief is a popular blend. Some of our patients buy up to 14 different blends at once.


Do you have any stories of patients using essences that particularly stand out in your mind that you could tell us about?


There are some golfers I know that say they wont play a round of golf without them. For them to notice this it's pretty big because, you know, men are less inclined to ask questions about emotional health.


Why is it that a lot of people are not aware of essences and their use?


The British Royal family uses homeopathy and essences. I was in Austria visiting a friend and when I walked into their apartment they had a cabinet on the wall that was filled with homeopathy and flower essences. Nautropathy originates from Europe and it was brought over to North America . It is a system of healing that has been around in Europe a lot longer and it is taught in the medical schooling there. From what I see, there is a lack of education here. People will see essences and things of this nature on a shelf and not know what they are. For us, this is an easy sell - but people on the street don't understand it "what is naturopathy and homeopathy?" For those people, taking vitamin C is considered alternative. Homeopathy looks at the emotional side of health but not much. Essences focus on emotions & emotional behaviours.






Dr. Hoffman graduated from the southwest college of Naturopathic Medicine and Health sciences in Tempe, Arizona .  There Dr. Hoffman was introduced to regenerative injection therapy and quickly put those skills into practice after he noticed how effective the treatment was in healing an old injury that was nagging him.  Dr. Hoffman was also given the opportunity to partake in hospital rotations at three Phoenix area hospitals.  His blend of farm raised appreciation of nutrition and progressive naturopathic care integrate into his style of practice today.