BABY BLUE EYES - restores ability to trust innocently; let go of automatic tendency to be cynical, insecure or defensive


BALSAM POPLAR - release of pain & emotional tension associated with sexual issues

BALSAM (FLOWER) - nurture yourself and others through love and intimacy. Overcome feelings of separation. Emanate


and attract warmth and tenderness


BANANA - balances extremes in male/female programming, releases tension in the jaw, a liquid face-lift


BANEBERRY - for females & female issues


BANKSIA ROBUR - energy, enjoyment of and interest in life, good for those experiencing burn out


BARNACLE - trust & attunement of intuitive aspect


BARR'S MATTED PEA - for individuality when feeling like a number in a system, maintaining inner feeling of self in any circumstance


BASIL - give up what has not stood the test of time or is no longer of use, making decisions oneself/individually. Integrates sexual & spiritual love


BAUHINIA - embracing new concepts or ideas, increases open mindedness & acceptance


BEARGRASS - for knowing that outside influences can not overpower one's deeply held intentions


BEE BALM - soothes one after feeling 'stung' by other/s


BEE PLANT - knowing when you are about to cross the line between reality & illusion, recognizing difficulty of returning when you make the cross


BEECH - acceptance, tolerance, overcoming irritation


BELLADONNA - relieves mental, spiritual or emotional confusion

BELL HEATHER  - confidence. Have faith and trust in yourself. Release doubt and fear. Stay firmly grounded, flexible


and confident

BELLS OF IRELAND - relieves anxiety, for nutrient assimilation


BETTY PRIOR - stabilizes and balances the delicate rhythm of expansion and contraction of the cranial bones during expansion


BIG HEADED CLOVER - for those who create worries out of mist, who think it to death


BIG ROOT JATROPHA - helps one feel safe enough to allow change to happen without the need to control. Excellent for sexual abuse issues


BILLY GOAT PLUM - acceptance of pleasure and enjoyment with one's physical body


BIRCH - sustaining singularity even in a crowd

BIRCH (SILVER)  open your mind and broaden your outlook. Banish uncertainty and worries that cloud your vision.


Exercise your imagination to see the bigger picture


BISBEE BEEHIVE CACTUS - re-establish a feeling of grace at one's core, especially for sexual abuse issues


BISHOP'S CAP - issues relating to senior citizens or retirement


BISTORT - eases need to protect one's self with sharp words


BLACK COHOSH - courage to deal with, rather than shrink from abusive, addictive or threatening situation/s


BLACK SPRUCE - integrates the concept of the eternal career into present awareness & experience


BLACK TOURMALINE - grounds spiritual energy & protects it


BLACK-EYED SUSAN - insight & emotional transformation


BLACKBERRY - overcome inertia or feeling stuck


BLACKTHORN - the remedy for the depths of despair - the 'Valley of the Shadow of Death'


BLADDERWORT - awareness of illusion, seeing shades of truth


BLANKER FLOWER - helps outdoor people feel less awkward in social settings, especially if dress is fairly formal


BLAZE IMPROVED CLIMBING ROSE - softens and relaxes first the central nervous system and then the body as a whole, thus allowing the input from an expansion experience to be appropriately sorted, shifted and integrated within the body


BLEEDING HEART - balances emotional attachments, peace/harmony on love issues


BLOODROOT - meditation, endocrine balance, skin improvement


BLOODSTONE - cleanses & stimulates physical energies for use & understanding of the spiritual


BLUE BELL - opens communication channels, giving up constraints


BLUE CAMAS - balances intuitive & rational, improves acceptance & objectivity


BLUE COHOSH - dissolves sexual & emotional blocks to unify masculine & feminine principles, personally & in relationships


BLUE ELF VIOLA - releasing energy surrounding unresolved conflicts, understanding seeds of anger & frustration


BLUE-EYED GRASS - for issues relating to one's birth position in a family, early patterns relating to siblings or a lack thereof


BLUE LUPIN - for clear, precise thinking


BLUE STAR - opens one to the wealth of dreams and & the subconscious


BLUE TOPAZ - calms nervous responses


BLUE TOURMALINE - outer expression of spiritual qualities and goals


BLUE VIOLET - expanded perception/awareness of one's inner psyche and relationship to the collective unconscious. The Present as the sum total of past and future experience. Helps increase awareness of signs/symbols/omens (instruments of the collective unconscious); to perceive evolving patterns and their relationship to the Whole. Promotes silent observation, adaptability, swiftness and sureness of thought and action


BLUEBERRY POLLEN - release deep patterns of limitation from mind


BLUEDICKS - for feeling standoffish in a social group even if prompted or approached


BOG ASPHODEL - For the 'willing slave', those who are always wanting to help others yet ignoring their own needs


BOG BLUEBERRY - neutralizing patterns of limitation held in the mind, receptivity towards exchange


BOG VIOLET - for dealing with secrets, whether self-satisfying, self-preserving or self-serving


BOJI STONE - increases appreciation & attunement to nature


BONESET - Periods of major transformation from a primarily materialistic outlook to a more spiritual orientation. Helps decrease attachment to and eliminate materialistic or unharmonious energies/patterns. Promotes inner peace, the desire to experience that which transcends material/ego consciousness, perseverance in spiritual lifestyle/discipline/being ness and a clearer, expanded sense of one's place in the Universe


BORAGE - overcoming discouragement, cheerful courage


BORONIA - releases sting from broken relationships, serenity, clarity of mind & thought


BOTTLEBRUSH - recognizing old habits will not sustain one during major life changes, letting go of the comfort they gave in favour of new, and as yet, unfamiliar


BOUGAINVILLEA - relaxes body & deepens breathing, sadness can be felt without suffering & crisis met with stillness


BOUVARDIA - changing avoidance patterns into positive action


BRACKEN (Alcoholic extract) - Where there has been a habitual playing of the 'child' role in life


BRACKEN (Aqueous extract) - Psychic sensitivity blocked from childhood, with consequent fear of 'coming up front' to one's psychic potential


BRACTED LOUSEWORT - for those itching to start on a project or business venture but hampered by internal or external block


BRAZILIANITE - making realization of concept of universal love


BRIGHT STAR - releases entanglements, establishes healthy boundaries to say 'no', feeling one deserves what one wants


BROCCOLI - for the power balance which must be maintained when one perceives himself to be under siege from outside. Stabilizes the body/soul unit so the person won't close down, detach and scatter


BRONZE BELLS - for issues dealing with the enticement or lure of the dark side

BROOM - clear your mind and focus your thinking. Dispel emotional turmoil that hinders your powers of concentration


BROWN KELP - shifts in perception leading to clarity


BUCKBEAN - for calm response in the midst of chaos


BUFFALO GOURD - helps maintain inner place of calm while participating in external activities


BUNCHBERRY - focus & direct power of the will, mental steadfastness & emotional clarity in demanding situations


BURDOCK - Union/harmony as the ultimate goal and essence of all things. Promotes spiritual awareness/experience through intuition/vision and the distillation/transmutation of everyday experience. Helps one to see obstacles as opportunities for spiritual growth/evolution. Balancing extremes/excesses and opposing energies in one's life and transcending them. Transformation - shedding one's old ways in favour of unswerving commitment to truth


BUSH FUCHSIA - unsurpassed for resolving learning problems, clarity and projection of speech, developing intuition


BUSH GARDENIA - renews one's interest in one's partner, improves communication with those close


BUSH IRIS - understand things beyond the five senses, expand awareness


BUTTE MARIGOLD - for those who become rundown before they attend to their physical needs, for maintaining physical well being


BUTTERBUR - For blocked-off self love, and not realizing one's own inherent 'goodness'. The remedy for poor self-esteem


BUTTERCUP - knowing value of one's gifts & sharing them with others, overcoming shyness or withdrawal



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